I tried this half-price Surface Studio clone from Kickstarter

I like what I like about Microsoft Surface Studio, but I can't deny that it's a suction computer. From $ 3,499 it's not for everyone. Also, even if you're only interested in the primary selling point (a gorgeous monitor with a unique "gravity" sliding hinge), Microsoft won't sell it without expensive PC parts.

I heard about the kick starter project of a small company called Sefree. It's basically shameless, but there's a pitch with a much cheaper Surface Studio knockout and a standalone monitor version option. If an open Chinese supply chain can lower the price of smartphones and laptops, why aren't they extraordinary desktop PCs? Starting at $ 1,499, Apollo is an all-in-one PC that slides down like Surface Studio around a 32-inch 4K touch screen. All models use an 8th generation quad-core U-series Core i7 processor with a variety of RAM, storage, and GPU options. We tested a pre-production model that paired a Nvidia GTX 1050Ti GPU, 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD with a 2TB HDD storage device.

i tried this half price surface studio clone from kickstarter

There are four USB-A ports on the back, one more USB-C on the side, and an Ethernet jack and HDMI output (not input). The wrong plastic mouse and keyboard appear in the box. The monitor-only version, Apollo Lite, costs $ 599 and uses a 27-inch 4K panel with the same sliding hinge.

I was warned that the completeness of prototypes would not be good. no. In this case there were a few dents and dents, so there is no way to review this issue as a shipping product. But the two important ones, hinge and screen quality, were actually quite important.

We noticed that the hinge motion is very smooth in the 15-95 degree range. If the screen has a slight sheen, the screen will look great. The case on the panel is very slim, only 11mm thick, but warns that the image rendered on Apollo's kickstarter page seriously underestimated the size of the bezel. Photorealistic GIF (like below) is correct.


Surface Studio, like most other Surface devices, uses a slightly smaller high-resolution screen that has a short diagonal (28 inches) but has an aspect ratio of 3: 2. On tablets and laptops I like 3: 2, but if the overall size is large, Apollo's 16: 9 aspect ratio didn't really matter. I didn't want to compromise in the vertical space. (The Apollo Lite for monitors I've never seen is a bit small, so it might be a different story.)

The Apollo's case isn't as smooth or slim as the studio, and still emits audible fan noise all the time, but the touch is especially hot even when overloaded I didn't find any loss. Witcher 3 Adjusted the speed of the GPU with games like and Doom . Both ran well with 1080p at medium to high settings. It's certainly not a PC designed for high-end gaming, but you'll get better results with the GTX 1050Ti's $ 1,700 or more option than the Nintendo Switchport.

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Surface Studio Targeted designers to use with Microsoft's exclusive pen and dial tools, Apollo comes with a common stylus, but you shouldn't expect the same level of performance here. While stylus users are not the most demanding, Apollo is not as responsive as a more integrated solution on the market and noticeably delays when drawing lines. Pen support is useful for things like grooming in Lightroom, but it's not the best option for digital artists.

If you aren't interested in the Surface Studio form factor, but rather the needs of a specific professional and your desktop setup isn't good right now, you'll see why Apollo is an attractive option. Assuming you need a large 4K monitor and find value in the hinge design, the price is great for what you get. All-in-one PCs aren't the most cost-effective option for price / performance, but Surface Studio's ratio is much higher. On the other hand, Microsoft is an infinite large company with vast engineering resources and the ability to provide after sales service. I personally do not recommend buying this cost and complexity from a company that does not have a proven track record in Kickstarter.

1570183767 480 i tried this half price surface studio clone from kickstarter

The Apollo campaign ends on Monday but is already funded so you can see if Sefree will be able to make final production in December. We waited for the impression of the retail product on whether the manufacturing industry improved and whether it was shipped. This pre-production device is the only Windows 10 computer I've seen without sleep. You need to make sure you have the final version. (Or just wait and see if rumors about Microsoft's standalone Studio-style monitor go away.)

Apollo has proven that creating a cheaper Surface Studio isn't impossible. Someday we will get one.

Read More Here: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/10/4/20898364/apollo-4k-surface-studio-clone-kickstarter-hands-on

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