I have no mouth and I must scream: You can add audio to wobbles in latest Windows 10 patch

Microsoft seems unable to take a break with its Windows 10 updates. As soon as it recognized that its CPU usage solved the desktop search for some, users complained that the patch has also caused audio problems .

Released on September 10 for Windows 10 1903 (also known as the May 2019 update), KB4515384 is a security update that included a solution to Cortana's CPU chew habit. Unfortunately, it turned out that the solution left the search on the desktop a bit broken for some users.

While the update support page resolutely states (at the time of writing this) that "Microsoft is not aware of any problems with this update," the company's practical health page for Windows 10 received an update. silent on September 11 to indicate that he had recognized the problem and was investigating the problem.

It seems we can add audio to the borkage. A look at Reddit shows a wave of grumbling, as some Windows 10 users who have suffered a long time have found that their audio does not work after the update. Simply uninstall the patch to restore the sound.

The problem is that, unlike the KB4512941 snafu, which was an optional update, KB4515384 contains important security fixes, including protection against a subclass of side channel speculative vulnerabilities.

Microsoft should be applauded for bringing out these security updates. However, if the quality of the patches is becoming so irregular that users begin to block them for fear of what might end up broken, then all that effort will be in vain. ®

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