Hustle Up! Discover Microsoft Store resources for a better side hustle

Many people are interested in starting a side show, but there is one group that is especially looking for ways for higher education students to earn extra money this year and improve their business skills.

This year, students with diverse incomes are looking for innovative ways to gain valuable field experience while earning valuable income.

Consider student loans, single parents, increased living expenses. Today's higher education students have to earn money now by expanding their professional know-how. They know that employers are looking for non-traditional employees with unique and diverse expertise and expertise and no longer have the luxury of relying only on internships. Acquire practical knowledge consistent with the theory you are learning in class.

The Microsoft Store worked with the New York Times and Chris Guillebeau to find the most useful resources and tips for the toughest problems. Best Selling Writer and Host of Side Hustle School Podcast

“Side Hustle is a great way to make important options in today's world. They are a fast road to freedom and occupational safety. Internship Experience — Consider the experience. Do you want to learn how to start an income-generating project and get rewarded for your experience? "
—Chris Guillebeau

People who do inappropriate things have amazing ideas to generate additional income, but they help manage business operations. Solutions like Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft Store resources can help

Start to Hustle Up!

The mobile environment Hustle Up! Was developed to help you identify the resources you need for different kinds of amplification in the Microsoft Store. Explore your profile aptitude, identify your strengths and interests, and connect you with the best resources to help you

The performance of four Hustle Up! Freelancers, makers, resellers and experts Made carefully for your type, each highlights Chris Guillebeau's helpful tips and expertise. Includes key resources to help you balance your draws, school and life

  • The ability to get reviews as soon as possible is important for freelancers Review is especially important in business, especially oversaturated When trying to stand out in the market, Chris encourages freelancers to collect real-time customer feedback by writing surveys and surveys using Microsoft 365 offerings
  • Or, you know how to apply it to your service, but you're having a hard time trying to keep up with the different needs of every customer.To manage multiple requests and schedules, Chris tracks daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to professionals while using OneNote.

Learn in a convenient way and learn more More expert tips await you! You may want to visit the Microsoft Store directly or online to find additional information, fun and free workshops, and solutions to improve your entrepreneurship skills.

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