Humans playing VR game Beat Saber move faster than what Steam thought was ‘humanly possible’

VR game Beat Saber By default, using the light saver of Dance Dance Revolution causes people who play the rhythm game that the valve developer needs to modify to move too quickly. People moved too fast to track their movements as Steam VR was discovered by Kotaku . Beat Saber After collecting expert data, Valve developers modify the tracker of Valve 's Lighthouse technology to track movement. Developers have commented on the latest changes in Steam VR: "You have to raise the limits of what humans think about controller motion."

  Beat Saber

The developer says, "Proper motivation can go faster (3600 degrees / sec!) Than we thought if humans use sufficiently lightweight controllers." That is, It is also completely fried. In other words, the superhuman speed is fast.

Beat Saber performs body movements by dividing the blue and red blocks into songs of a certain song. And it is known in a pretty decent way to exercise. But trying to get higher scores on the leaderboard or trying to get personal satisfaction has caused some people to move at a violent pace.

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