Hugo Barra is leaving the Oculus team for a Facebook ‘global AR/VR partner’ initiative

Hugo Barra, former executive of Xiaomi who has run the Facebook Oculus VR team since 2017, is changing roles in what appears to be a bigger shift in VR on Facebook. Barra says Twitter is building a global AR / VR partner ecosystem based in NYC " he has been replaced by Erick Tseng, formerly Director of Product Management at Facebook [19659002] ] Barrac is being delivered just before Oculus launches a new Quest mobile headset, citing many early company statements, saying that Oculus's "first-generation VR lineup is now complete," he says, "bringing AR and VR to more people " " I am pleased to join a team that transforms science fiction into reality by returning to the consumer's hardware base. "

A Facebook spokesperson said, The position of Oculus on The Verge did not change on Facebook. "With Quest, Rift S and Oculus Go we now have the perfect VR We have a product portfolio and will continue to build future generations, "said a spokesman." As VR and AR devices move into the mainstream world, we need to expand and invest in the global partner ecosystem for everyone to use. . Hugo has been a perfect person to oversee this product and global strategy over the years and lead this effort. "

Former Vice President of Oculus.

The first generation VR lineup has been completed, it is time to do the next big task that brings AR and VR to more people! Jason Rubin is now Vice President of "Special Game Initiatives." Rubin describes the following roles

"We are working to have a positive impact on the gaming community. "While continuing to work on more great content about VR and exploring other exciting game-related opportunities," Oculus's content supervisory role is shifting from previous Electronic

Facebook has for some time put Oculus in a more general virtual and augmented reality realm: the company has not had a CEO since 2016, Facebook has launched its Oculus headset and portal Facebook began to group smart cameras into a broad category of "VR / AR." Facebook is interested in manufacturing AR eyewear and next-generation eyewear. Next generation VR headset based on research by Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash

Barra Is consistent with Quest's standard line of Oculus.The company has wrapped up the current generation of hardware products and still knows what a "second generation" VR looks like, and according to that logic, I say it is reasonable to focus on building already received. But it could be a Facebook pioneer, and it can integrate more Oculus products into more hardware and software line-ups, including AR devices.

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