Huawei’s phone sales are ballooning while Apple and Samsung’s slump

IDC and Strategy Analytics have released the latest smartphone shipments, and in the past few months has become a definite winner of Huawei. Huawei has sacrificed its current global leaders, Samsung and Apple.

Huawei is acquiring Apple for the first time in 2017, and for a while before moving back and forth in 2018, is aiming for the second largest smartphone supplier in the world. But due to improvements in 2019, Huawei jumped to 19.1 million shipments from 33.3 million phones launched in the first quarter of 2018, as IDC and SA pointed out.

huaweis phone sales are ballooning while apple and samsungs slump

Apple's iPhone shipments were 52.2 million During the same period last year, Apple released 36 million to 43 million units (Apple has recently stopped reporting iPhone sales). Samsung increased its shipments from 78.2 million units to 71.9 million units. In fact, without the fast growth of Huawei, the smartphone market can be properly portrayed as experiencing its own recession. Last week, operators of AT & T and Verizon said their subscriber-to-subscriber smartphone upgrades were at an all-time low, while other Chinese handset makers such as Xiaomi and Oppo are seeing a steady increase in sales.

We are suffering from telephone market. Sony's sales are declining and the company said it will cut its employees in the mobile business by half. LG decided to cut its costs last week by cutting off calls from the mainland and moving production to Vietnam. And HTC is technically still only in the mobile business by producing a massive block-chain phone.

Huawei is an exception, and in many ways is an exception. The company has been very publicly rejected by the US government and is very profitable and does not exist in the developed market. All of our progress over the last year was a successful extension of our business in mainland China and Europe.

During the past two years, when Apple and Samsung have satisfied themselves with most repetitive updates, Huawei has made steady progress between all device releases. The company has invested heavily in camera hardware that stimulates smartphone owners to complement the outstanding performance (now unmatched in low light) and push the "upgrade" button.

Huawei's goal is always to be the world's leading smartphone supplier, which seemed overly optimistic for just a few months ago. As of today, it is inevitable situation. Huawei expects to be ahead of SEC by the end of this year, and there is little doubt that if aggressive attack speeds continue, high goals can be achieved.

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