Huawei’s P30 Pro will have quad-camera array, CEO’s photograph suggests

Huawei's P30 Pro is the watermarked photo proposed by Huawei's Consumer Business Group CEO and can be the first of a company's phones with a rear-mounted quad camera array. Yesterday, GSMArena Richard Yu posted a picture of the moon in Weibo. Weibo included a watermark with details of the phone taken. The exact details have been modified, but it appears to be reading "Huawei P30 Pro" and "Leica Quad Camera".

Huawei announced that the P30 series will begin in Paris with a teaser trailer that heavily hinted on March 26 in Paris. The camera's zoom will be a major feature. Previous Huawei devices such as the P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro are "limited" to only three cameras, but the rear telephoto lens is already included, so it is not clear what this camera can do. You can increase the zoom level or provide a wider field of view.

huaweis p30 pro will have quad camera array ceos photograph suggests

Watermarks are obscured, but the spacing of unedited text has little room for interpretation.
Richard Yu / Weibo

The number of cameras that manufacturers can hold on the back of their mainstream cell phones has been competitive in recent years. Samsung added four lenses to the Galaxy A9 for the first time. The Galaxy A9 uses three additional lenses for zoom, ultra wide shot, and depth of field detection. However, there is rumor that HMD's upcoming Nokia 9 PureView may include five rear cameras.

Pixel 3 produces the best pictures on all available smartphones, although more rear camera is an objective specification that manufacturers can point to as proof of camera quality in mobile phones. Ultimately the best camera is still a single product.

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