Huawei’s business is doing just fine, despite US security risk accusations

Huawei said on Monday that its first-quarter revenue increased by 39 percent compared to the previous year, a sign that the Chinese company's business continues to grow in the face of a US-led campaign. UU Which claims that Huawei is a security risk. It was the first time that Huawei published a quarterly report, according to CNBC, and the move almost certainly intended to show that the US. UU They have not been able to stop the growth of the company.

Huawei said it had sent 59 million phones in the first quarter and touted revenues of 179.7 billion yuan ($ 26.8 billion).

US intelligence officers UU China could be secretly reorganized for espionage purposes. Washington has been pushing other countries to keep Huawei out of its 5G infrastructure plans. But on Monday, Huawei rejected those efforts claiming it had sent more than 70,000 5G base stations in the first quarter of 2019 and signed 40 contracts to provide carriers with 5G equipment.

In the espionage, but the United States insists that the company will not have many options in this regard. Huawei smartphones are not sold by any US company as a result of security problems. More recently, there was a report on the CIA's warning allies that Huawei has received funds from China's security agencies.

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