Huawei says its upcoming OS software won

We're not entirely sure what Huawei is working on inside its software labs (Ark OS, possibly, or Harmony OS), but the company says that the operating system it is building is being designed for industrial use instead of as a direct replacement Android

That's what the state-backed Xinhua news agency says, which reports that a Huawei executive insisted that Android will continue to run on Android phones in the immediate future.

Huawei's senior vice president, Catherine Chen, told the media that The operating system, also called Hongmeng, is not for smartphones and has many more lines of code than would be needed for phones. mobile devices of consumers.

However, the comments should be taken in a broader context: Huawei representatives have previously said that the Chinese technological giant is working on a replacement for Android. That may also be true, of course, even if what we know as Hongmeng or Ark or Harmony is not.

The waiting game

If you're a little confused about where Huawei is headed with this, do not worry, because you're not alone. All this takes place in the context of Huawei's tense ties with the US. UU., With the situation and the public narrative, which change week by week.

It is said that Chen says that Hongmeng has been working for years, something we already knew, and we had been led to believe that the operating system could cover laptops and laptops, as well as mobile phones.

Not so, according to Chen's latest comments, which may be aimed at smoothing relations between Huawei and Google in light. of possible easing of restrictions. The two companies have enjoyed a strong partnership in the past, and it seems that Huawei would prefer to stay with Android if it has the opportunity to do so.

We can only wait and see what happens with Huawei's access to EE software. UU And the operating system runs on their phones. The next flagship to arrive from the Huawei stable is the Huawei Mate 30 and the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, which is expected in October.

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