Huawei has been building a Play Store alternative in plain sight

The momentous news that Google is cutting its Android relationship with Huawei in response to a US government ban on the Chinese giant was not a big surprise for Huawei. A new report from Bloomberg today adds to growing evidence that Huawei is preparing to be rejected by the United States. It suggests that the Huawei Application Gallery, which has been present on Huawei and Honor Android devices for a while, is in fact a serious, albeit somewhat clandestine, effort to build a genuine alternative to Google's dominant Play Store.

According to Bloomberg Huawei launched the app creators in 2018 with the offer to help them make their way to China, the world's largest smartphone market, if they created software for their App Gallery. Like all other Android phone providers, Huawei is very aware of how dependent it is on applications and the Google application platform, although unlike most others, this company is also subject to great scrutiny and hostility from the US government UU So it makes a lot of sense for Huawei to try to prepare for the possible consequences of losing his working relationship with Google.

However, it seems that Huawei's alternative application store plans depended on only losing access to Google as a business partner. No every US software manufacturer and supplier. UU The fact that you are prohibited from working with any US company. UU., Even if the US government UU You are not entitled to a 90-day partial and subsequent withdrawal, Huawei can not participate in new businesses with US firms. UU It will not mean that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or

Huawei is a company with great resources and scale, and was on track to become the most prolific smartphone manufacturer in the world this year before the intervention of the government of the USA UU As such, it promised 50 million non-unrealistic European users of its app store in 2018 to potential application development partners. Bloomberg says that the company also offered to provide "a simple tool to modify the software they wrote so that the Google store works in the App Gallery".

In the most optimistic perspective of Huawei, the App Gallery would have served as the bridge between the East and the West: a place to distribute its applications to both a European and an Asian audience, mainly Chinese. It would seem to make sense as a method to diversify the Android application platforms and offer significant competition to encourage Google to continue improving the Play Store. However, the severity of the Trump government's general ban makes even the App Gallery plan seem unlikely.

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