Huawei has been building a Play Store alternative in plain sight

Significant news that Google is cutting off its Android relationship with Huawei is not the US government's surprise for Huawei. Bloomberg 's new report is proof that Huawei is preparing to be avoided by the United States. Huawei's App Gallery has been using Huawei and Android devices for a long time, but in fact has done a little more covert efforts to build a true alternative to Google's original Play Store.

Bloomberg Huawei has suggested that by 2018, software makers will be able to make their way into China, the largest smartphone market in the world. Huawei, like other Android phone vendors, suffers a lot from how much it relies on Google's first-generation apps and app platforms, and is undergoing a massive investigation and hostility by the US government. As a result, Huawei will strive to be prepared for the possibility of losing partnership with Google.

I think Huawei's alternative App Store plan is simply losing access to Google as a business partner. All US software producers and providers. It is prohibited from doing business with any US company. Even if the 90 day grace period expires with the US government, Huawei will not be able to do business with US companies. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or

Huawei is a company with a lot of resources and scale, and this year it became the world's largest smartphone manufacturer before the US government intervention. So, in 2018, the App Store's unrealistic 50 million European users have not promised to be app developer partners. Bloomberg suggested that a company would provide "a simple tool for tweaking the software you created to work with App Gallery through Google Gallery."

In the most optimistic view of Huawei, App Gallery is a place to distribute apps to Europe and Asia, mainly Chinese, in the East and the West. This seems to be understood as a way to diversify Android's app platforms and provide meaningful competition to help Google continue to improve the Play Store. However, due to the seriousness of the Trump Administration blanket ban policy, even the app gallery plan is not going to bear fruit.

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