Huawei given access to UK 5G networks while US mulls over new policy exemptions

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Huawei has had a difficult 2019 so far and prospects for the rest of the year seem to be so uneven as the Trump administration continues with its August deadline on tariffs imposed on China, while the technology companies of the Kingdom United and the United States seek solutions to provide technology to their customers.

While the US UU China and China remain in a confrontation with Huawei in their two sights, the UK has discreetly authorized the company to provide 5G technologies outside the network of their country, according to a Venture Beat report.

Common House Science and Technology Committee recently joined a small chorus of organizations that are looking beyond the state-funded espionage allegations that have plagued Huawei in recent years and they published a letter recognizing that there has been found "There is no special reason to suspect that Huawei's products are especially insecure."

Despite a seemingly receptive letter, the United Kingdom is entering its Cision with extreme caution and stipulates the terms of its access to Huawei as an agreement almost at will. By allowing Huawei access to its network, the company will accept a formal exclusion without discrimination, which will highlight "clear criteria that could be applied to another organization in the future."

The decision of the United Kingdom to grant Huawei access to its network contrasts with the current position taken by the US presidential administration towards the company based in China. Throughout much of 2019, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and his administration undertook a trade war with China and used Huawei as a figurative political and economic scapegoat for some of his policies against the country.

However, during the past few weeks, Trump and his administration have begun to facilitate their position and are planning to grant provisional permits to selected US companies through permission licenses for transactions with Huawei.

To date, it is not clear when the provisions will be granted and which of them will be based on EE. UU Companies are on the short list, but presumably, companies that have already found solutions such as Google, IBM, Qualcomm and Microsoft will be among them.

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