HQ Trivia’s first live event was ruined by people who weren’t in the audience

The HQ quiz created a "quiz-tory" when it held its first live-action game with a $ 10,000 prize this week. Host Scott Rogowsky flew to Austin, Texas to host the show on the SXSW pop-up at Comcast NBC Universal (he joined the full HQ brand suit). Before we started, HQ projected a link to the live show at once, which had to be loaded to compete with viewers. I thought they would bring participants to the stage to make more live experiences. Instead, Rogowsky listened to questions on the iPad and everyone used their phones.

Of course, people took stage photos (and screens with links) and shared them on social media before the show started. This means that players who are not in Austin or Comcast NBC Universal House can participate in the game. (They only needed an access link.) Though the house seemed to host hundreds of people, not nearly a thousand people, at the start of the show, there were about 3,000 virtual players in attendance. Rogowsky admitted this, but he seems to be unable to do anything about it.

It was fun, though, to gather players from potential customers who continue to ask the final question. The HQ commentary section felt like a common experience as it entered the real world.

Only two real audiences win. The rest of the about 70 winners were not in Comcast NBC Universal House. Ultimately, all the winners took home a little over $ 100, and two live participants joined the Rogowsky stage and talked about how they plan to use the money. A man said he would fill gas to return to Dallas. The other loudly shouted Chicago and pizza.

HQ does not rule out more live events. In a statement to The Verge the spokesman said the company "would continue to explore opportunities to enjoy HQ whether the players are calling or not."

If HQ plans to continue exploring, in the case of live events, you must find a way to prevent external players from participating in the game. If only spectators had a rule that SXSW could win, they would have taken $ 5,000 each. Everyone was able to enjoy $ 5,000 more. Maybe we can specify our geographical location or see our winners. After all, if I am watching a live show, I want the excitement of reality.

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