How WhatsApp is undermining Facebook’s war on election interference

About a month ago, The New York Times revealed that there is a meeting room inside Facebook to prevent election interference. But this was not an ordinary meeting room … This was a war room. Then the under construction war room promises to provide a hub for all of Facebook's efforts against electoral interference around the world. At the time, I mentioned that it would be good to visit the room of war.

Readers, it was.

On Wednesday morning, I joined a few dozen other reporters on Facebook. I have a headquarters in Menlo Park and an introductory briefing on the purpose of the war room and then I have to stab my head.

War room is just one of many MPK 20 meeting rooms. Menlo Park, California Headquarters. But it is bigger than average and filled with people and electronic equipment. There is a desk for 24 people, and there are 17 screens in the room, with each screen highlighting various streams monitored by Facebook.

Sometimes employees look for suspicious spikes of spam and hate speech. For the purpose. We try to suppress voters by lying that the election is long or the election is delayed. (The team has found such a lie recently arguing that the Brazilian election date was delayed one day due to a protest and quickly removed bad news.)

I found that some of the election drama Visit the war room, a fake news that is flying. It is peaceful in the war room. Everyone who did not look at the screen said with a crush, but there is no possibility of overhearing talking about the war.

Anyway, we all wrote our story. We have not been invited to the War Room that was sacrificed to us, presenting our coverage of the conference room as a huge victory for Facebook's public relations department. Personally, I thought it worth it to see the room, ask some questions, and tell readers what Facebook is doing there. (Summary: I bring team leaders closer together to speed up decision-making during critical times.)

As you can see from my story, the war room is covered with American and Brazilian flags, which reflects two of the most imminent world elections. But in the context of the relatively quiet US electoral barriers, the situation is serious in Brazil.

Of course the problem is WhatsApp. Brazilian newspaper Folha released a survey that media companies buys a large number of phone numbers and is subject to anti-leftist propaganda of encrypted messaging apps. While frequently discussed in chat apps, WhatsApp has a messaging mechanism that removes the sender's identity and spreads the message over with little responsibilities.

BuzzFeed's Ryan Broderick talks about this plan.

Supported right-most front runner, Jair Bolsonaro, used Bolsonaro's supporter database and a third-party database phone number. Some of these agencies even provided an analysis of their location and income levels. The company used a service called "bulk shots" to send thousands of messages.

Folha claims some of these companies have signed contracts worth $ 12 million ($ 3.2 million). This is not just an abuse of WhatsApp, but doing it in Brazil is illegal. The company can not donate to political campaigns and can not procure a database of candidates' supporters.

What App App moderators would seem to seem like they would seem to be so. Please monitor the public groups. WhatsApp monitor created by local fact group Elefções Sem Fake shows that the platform is full of false information, such as Facebook.

The reason for making this plan obscene is that you can capture the activities described by Folha on screens in the war room of Facebook. Viruses are spreading on platforms that contain false information that is hardly visible to anyone on Facebook.

WhatsApp is a good idea for Facebook to make life more difficult for a propagandist artist. Brazilian researchers Cristina Tardáguila, Fabrício Benevenuto and Pablo Ortellado have proposed three ideas in Times published this week. Limits the number of times a message can be passed from 20 to 5. Already done in India; Dramatically lower the number of users that can send a single message from 256 users, the current limit.

I am hoping to prevent the formation of a new viral onslaught, limiting the size of new groups made in the weeks before the election.

I came to the idea that an app should be available. There is an end-to-end encryption or virus sharing mechanism, but neither is available. If mobs are organized in a democratic election, they should be in plain sight to see who is holding the loudspeaker in general. I will not make fun of the war room of Facebook, it is a presentation of the play. I think it is worth sharing shoulder to shoulder and sharing knowledge. But I think the team will conclude that WhatsApp's colleagues are undermining their efforts through unintended behavior.


Facebook was & # 39; rejoiced by the war room response to the Brazilian election

Sarah Frier and David Biller The feedback from the Facebook executives was that the Brazilian people were wrong, Contrast the opinion of "I'm happy" about how quickly we could handle it. (They say the problem is WhatsApp.)

Pablo Ortellado, a professor of public policy at the University of Sao Paulo, said that after researching fake news, Facebook has made good progress but has not mentioned the actual size. The problem is that the company's efforts to tame WhatsApp, which can not see exactly what is being shared on Facebook, is still not enough.

"All the malicious content of the campaign has gone through WhatsApp. That's the problem." Said in an interview. "

The Brazilian electoral court has faked fake news fights with devastating bloodshed

Biller writes about what the Brazilian Supreme Court is doing to engage in counterfeit news:

] Known as the TSE The court has set up an official website for dropping social media posts to challenge the legitimacy of the vote and has held two videoconferences with executives of the popular California-based messaging app, WhatsApp. Rosa Weber, TSE president,

Hack Was done by non-alien spammer

Robert McMillan and Deepa Seetharaman are scheduled to arrive late on Wednesday, according to the press, according to media reports Wednesday on candidates, the bottom runner, Jair Bolsonaro and the left Fernando Haddad. Facebook concluded that massive data breaches were not foreign government tasks According to preliminary findings, hackers were not linked to the nation's people, according to people, according to the survey, "30 million users are using fraudulent advertising.

African American, Hispanic, and Mexican ads appear politically on Facebook labels

Jessica Guynn mentions dozens of Facebook ads The Hispanic heritage month or "political" "And there is the word" Mexico "because the blocked page manager did not register as a political advertiser. There are a lot of stories about the following anecdotes:

Politically on Facebook in the mid- The removed advertisements did not express political views. Facebook ads for businesses, universities, nonprofit organizations, and other organizations seem to have something in common that is mentioned in "African American", "Latino", "Hispanic", "Mexican", "Women", "LGBT" . In Spanish.

Even if the Chipotle Mexican Grill offers a free delivery service, it was politically incorrect until we got a call from the United States.

In the battle against Facebook's fake news, Human Fact-Checkers are trying to keep up.

Georgia Wells and Lucas I. Alpert said Facebook was "correcting the mistakes" by Laurie Schalow, Chief Communications Officer of the restaurant chain. reported that its Facebook partner can relieve one story a day. LikeWar Peter W. Singer, author of Journal on Facebook, is like bringing a spoon to clean a pig farm, "he said. 19659035] Two of the eight full-time employees of Factcheck focus specifically on Facebook. On average, they have not posted one facebook post per day. Some of the other third party groups have released a similar amount. None of the agencies said that they had received special instructions on Facebook before the midterm exam or that they did not feel the feeling of urgency was heightened.

ABC News, which began investigating facts earlier this year, was dropped. .

Twitter issues: Republicans and Democrats become even more divided when they read each other

We are online with people and online Ezra Klein reports on the paper that found the latter's explanation more convincing, because it is more polarized because it matches us, is it like us, or is it because we are often exposed to political opponents online?

"Republican" is identity, "Democrat" is identity, people who read someone who is attacking people who log on to Twitter and respect them, who are allied with you,

One of all these problems is that most political media are persuading The Ross Douthat column of the New York Times is, for example, a soft conservative who is trying to convince a liberal audience, but most political media have already been written on one side of the author and on the other.

Who got the midterms for social media?

Kevin Roose and Keith Collins, who have taken over the social media midterm exam, Analysis The number of interactions for Facebook and Instagram publications with hundreds of candidates in the midterm elections.They found that Democrats appeared to be engaged in their House of Representatives and deficit in the Senate race.

How the message of the audience coexists with digital viewers and how

In addition, the Democrats often dominate the conversation in Instagram, but Republican candidates show that they are looking for the most potential audience on Facebook, the most influential social network. .

Eric Geller looks at what the Democratic National Committee is doing to prevent another 2016 hack.

The Democratic National Committee dispatched workers to Silicon Valley for technical staff for 14 months. They discover suspicious emails and train employees to talk to someone at the FBI if there are signs of hackers targeting the party.

If the Democrats pass the November midterm elections safely, they can succeed in a few weeks. However, Raffi Krikorian, CTO of DNC, is already calling for major reforms to digital security in the committee and its sister organizations.


Twitter does not stop Louis Farrakhan. His tweeter compared Jews to insects

According to the Twitter decision, Twitter decided that by the end of the year, the Jews could be compared to insects until new rules were implemented.

Why is Instagram uncomfortable about IGTV? 19659053] Madison Malone Kirchner is the latest entry on IGTV's slow start. (She tells teens why they did not use it.)

Instagram People who promised IGTV would not stick to goodwill. Efforts to obtain such a view. Lauren Riihimaki a.k.a. LaurDIY posted two IGTV videos on his channel. One is a 3 minute "Goal Goal". is a video logger that takes video footage of everything you have purchased on a shopping trip and details its details. The other is a 56 second stop motion. Clips of Riihimaki A walk around Los Angeles. Both were posted on June 20 when IGTV launched. JiffPom puppies are not currently posted IGTV videos. If the creator does not create it on the platform, we can only understand that the user is not using it well. There is no seeing.

The botnet used by Russian trolls is still sitting on Twitter, promoting Taco Bell and Cocherealla.

Twitter this week released new information about the Russian troll on the platform, and Jane Lytvynenko

Jonathon Morgan of New Knowledge, a security company that monitors the misinformation of social media and the operation of online influence, The CEO told BuzzFeed News that his software found strange phrases used in some IRA accounts, Twitter said. They seem to be more public relations than politics.

Some accounts marked as "free lunch for one year at Taco Bell". "Free Pass to 2013 Coachella Music Festival!" And others have been tweeted.

Shane Dawson's Jake Paul series is about YouTube Lost and Found.

Patricia Hernandez sees Shane Dawson's series on Jane Paul and it's not really a series of tasks where YouTubers crack the platform's incentives:

Jake Paul or rehabilitate him. Shane Dawson will look into the abyss and discover what he's used to in the dark. Maybe all YouTubers can do to some extent. Shane tells Jake Paul in this series, "Jake agrees," and Jake Paul says: "Jake can agree on how much effort everyone is trying to make, no matter what he thinks about his video, and every time he uploads he says he thinks he has to be on top," he says. I think this is the place, "says Paul." This feeling – the idea to continue, the next thing is always the big idea that you need to be bigger and better. "

Did not you make a mistake? CEO Joshua Schachter disputes the sale of his beloved social bookmark site to Yahoo

When Yahoo took over, Yahoo helped us in terms of technology. I think this is common in the acquisition. Before you acquire, you

Every decision was an endless debate.I remember once, we gave it to the senior vice president.We prepared a 105 slide deck,


App Stores, Seed Lite, and Groups Enjoy Instant Games

Facebook uses HTML5 to get more places

Facebook is bringing back MTV's The Real World

On Facebook Watch, we are playing a game on Facebook on Josh Constine's report.My facebook game started and ended with Scrabulous. There is nothing really broken The Real World is

Legendary propaganda

Ren Reseuta (Renee DiResta) writes a long article about the cold and anxious that we get the information about how much trust ecosystem.

These technologies will continue to evolve. In other words, incorrect information campaign content includes upcoming video and audio. We can see it, but it is not ready to stop it. What happens when we disbelieve in what we see because of the video? If democracy is based on citizens of information, the spread of propaganda is a fundamental problem. With an unintended series of results, the algorithm has become an invisible ruler that inadvertently controls millions of fates.

Researcher's twitter misunderstanding barrier

Kara Alay says researchers studying platform misuse with Twitter's efforts to prevent misuse of the platform is too difficult:

Justin, a software developer at Stanford University Libraries Littman explained that researchers with advanced software skills have written about how they can write their own software and get the data they need from Twitter's Application Programming Interface (API). In July, the company announced that researchers should first request access to the API to order these projects to prevent malicious use of the application. It also limits how data sets obtained this way are shared. Users who sign up to use the developer platform must agree to Twitter's policies. One of these restrictions imposes restrictions on studying various topics, including political beliefs and racial and religious themes.

It is a good idea to prevent Twitter from using data for evil purposes, such as preventing elections. However, it is confusing for companies to use researchers who use APIs to agree on policies that include restrictions on studying subjects such as identity politics. A spokesman for Twitter noted that while access to the basic API is free, Littman offers historical tweets from a few days ago. Finally …

Apologize to Bereaved Mother for Child Ad Serving Facebook

There are two basic views on technology platforms funded by advertising. One is that with the increase in machine learning and improved data collection techniques, we all made dystopian panopticon, which became a pawn of late capitalism. The other is that artificial intelligence is not yet functioning properly, resulting in improvements in computer learning and data collection technologies that create a dystopian panopticon that unnecessarily hurts people while the technology platform fine-tunes ad targeting. [19659083]

Anna England-Kerr shared news on social networks and continued to advertise for cribs, baby blankets and bottles, and more recently IVF remedies despite changes in settings "

I have to be on Facebook to solve it, and the bereaved family should not get away from the social space that helps them cope with their sorrows. "

Nods. *

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