How to Work From Coffee Shops and Other Public Places

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Working in a noisy and crowded place like a coffee shop is difficult. Let's look at how to stay productive no matter how you work.

I have been fairly distributed to work in coffee shops, museums, hotel bars and other public places. Approaching it in the right way is incredibly simple. On the other hand, when the time is right for everyone to meet all your whim, you will be very disappointed. This is how I do it.

Choosing the right place

The place you choose to work is 9/10 of the battle. Choosing the small, busy Starbucks will take you more like a takeaway and you'll have a much harder time choosing a quiet local coffee shop that serves a lot of people working on the laptop.

And traditionally, you do not have to work in a coffee shop. The library is prepared for people who work in fantastic and quiet places, but you can not enjoy the whole coffee portion of things. It can be a great place to work and have a visual impression on a bar throughout the day. Many people serve coffee and food, and are not packed with other options until the end of the day.

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Public libraries are seriously underestimated jobs.

There are smaller details such as how many charge stations are available. There are coffee shops for mobile workers on almost every table. There can be only one takeaway location. If you have other options, do not work in places where power can not be supplied or Wi-Fi is extremely slow.

Another thing to consider is to avoid places you go socially. You can see the people you know. The goal here is not to chat. The last thing you need is to meet a friend who wants to do more than catch up with the latest trip inspired by Instagram.

Do the right thing

Another important factor in working in public places is to choose the right things to do. Do not expect nearby tables to be quiet during an urgent Skype call. In addition, Flipside does not even think about using a computer's built-in microphone to make Skype calls.

The best thing to do in public is to do with a laptop, pen and paper. If you need an extra monitor, typewriter, special keyboard or other, it will make life more difficult. The bonus indicates if the job can enter the deep flow state when performing the job.

Control the environment

Like our headquarters, we do not have much control over the environment, but there are no special flowerpot collections or Zen inspiration walls. It does not mean you can not put stamps on them because they are quoted.

It is the first place to sit. Do not sit next to bathrooms, doors, service doors or other people where you will always push. There is hardly a distraction more than a person moving through sight around me. Do it if you can grab the booth without taking up more space than it is fair. Another reliable option is to share the table with someone you are working on.

My table gets the window table and points it out the window. I know that the people behind the glass barrier are much less distracting than the people. Also, knowing who you know means you are less likely to recognize yourself.

  Post-Rock Playlist
Music and noise canceling headphones can go a long way to avoid interference.

Once you have a little knob in your personal space, the next thing you need to do is control what you hear. Some people like to confront the bustle of busy public places. It's not like that. This is where noise-canceling headphones are of paramount importance. With surrounding electronic music, post-rock or classical music, you will not block all the noise, but you will experience your own world. Take your business to the next level.

If the environment is distracted, the device may become distracted. Keep silence and send it away. If possible, confuse your application with something like FocusMe. If the option works or you get bored, your chances of working are much higher.

Keep staff on

Remember that you are doing someone's job. If you sit at the table, you will occupy the paid space. In other words, you have to act like a customer. Do not assume that you are only buying a cup of coffee in the morning, and you can relax all day. Buy regularly. Once you purchase an hour or two, my rules apply.

Also, please take the space occupied by the landlord. Do not occupy a table for 4 in a small coffee shop. It's just distrust.

Working regularly everywhere is worth the tip and you can become friendly with your staff. Getting a reputation as a mean customer can make life more awkward. On the other hand, if you get them on your side, you can expect special treats and bonuses like free pastries that otherwise would go differently in the trash. Please do not say laugh and say thank you and say the right amount.

The coffee shop has a mythical reputation as the perfect place. Do not expect productivity to drop because they have left your home.

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