How to view your notification history on Android

If you have been using Android for a long time, you may have accidentally swiped one or two notifications. Maybe You can rub it like my colleague Dieter Bohn accidentally delete all the contents of the notification drawer accidentally, or wonder where all the notifications are. If you have a historical list, do not worry, since you can find all the missing messages, emails, app updates, and system messages in the inventory alert log options

after you dismiss them. You can also use the notifications from any Android 8.0+ phone to bring back the last fired notification. Both methods are life-saving if you miss an urgent message from work and home and do not know which app you need to open first to find missed alerts.

Not all Android phones may have stock alert logs. We tested this shortcut on Google Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, and Razer Phone 2. Android's inventory or inventory is almost all phones. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7 could not log anywhere in the system configuration of Android. But Artem Russakovskii on Android Police pointed to Twitter . For phones that do not have a base log (or a more familiar experience if you want more users), you can also download Unnotification. Retrieves the last dismissed notification and notification history from the app. You can find apps in the Play Store.

Press and hold anywhere on the Home screen

  • Select the widget at the bottom of the screen
  • Scroll down and tap the "Settings Shortcut" widget
  • Tap the "Notification Log" tab
  • Place a widget on the Home screen
  • Tap Widget and scroll past notifications
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