How to use your Apple News Plus subscription to get around paywalls

The new premium service of Apple Plus News Plus offers a lot of money: for $ 10 a month, you have access to more than 300 different magazines and newspapers. Obviously, it would cost a lot more to subscribe to each of them individually, and most people can get ahead if they only read a handful of magazines on News Plus every month.

The subscription to News Plus offers a ton of value, but there is a problem: it only works within the Apple News application on an iPhone, iPad or Mac device. If you are viewing an article by Wall Street Journal ] or New Yorker in your browser or touch a link while on Twitter or some other service, there is no way to log in and see everything here because you do not have a separate account with those publications.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution for using your News Plus subscription even when you are not directly viewing an article in the news application. You can tell your iOS device to only open the article in the News application, where you will be presented with the complete article and no paywalls.

To do this, simply press the "share" button in Safari and press "The Open button in News is available in the second row, the article will open in the News application, and if it is in one of the magazines or newspapers compatible, you can read all the content Interestingly, the button "Open in news" does not appear in the browsers built into the application, such as the one used by Twitter, so you must first open the link in Safari before you can send it to Apple News


Here are some caveats: I have not found a way to send articles from the browser to the News app on macOS, and if you are trying to read something that is out of the News Plus subscription, like one of articles The New Yorker online that are not included will not work, but if you are a News Plus subscriber and want to search for articles outside of the News application and still be able to read them, this is a The easy way to do it.

Thanks, David!

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