How to use your Apple Card without Apple Pay

You want to buy something from a retail store or from a website that does not accept Apple Pay; Find out how you can use your Apple Card to buy that item.


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An Apple Card is a practical way to pay for items online and offline through Apple Pay on your iPhone or other Apple device, but what happens if the website or merchant is not compatible with Apple Pay? You have a few options. You can request and use the physical Apple Card to pay for the items in person just as you would with a normal credit card. But with or without the physical card, you can still pay for the items online: the trick is to find the card number, expiration date, date and security code. Let's see how this works.

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If you have not yet requested your Apple Card, you can request the physical card during the application process. After you have requested and been granted the virtual Apple Card, a screen appears asking if you also want to receive the physical Titanium Apple Card. To do so, tap Continue. On the next screen, check your address and tap Confirm ( Figure A ).

Figure A

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After receiving your card in the mail, you must activate it. to do this, open the Wallet application on your iPhone. input for your Apple C ard. Tap the link to activate your card. According to the instructions, hold your iPhone near the package that comes with the card On your phone, touch the button to activate your card You should see a message that tells you that your card is ready Touch Done ( Figure B ).

Figure B

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To use your physical card in an online store or use your online virtual card if you don't have a physical card, you will need to have the card number, expiration date and security code. To get that information, go back to the Wallet application.

Open the wallet application on your iPhone. Select your card application. Touch the More button. On the screen the Apple Card, touch the entry of Informa tion of the card The application authenticates you through Face ID or Touch ID. The card information screen shows the card number, expiration date and security code ( Figure C ). Enter that information on the payment or payment screen of the online store.

Figure C

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