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One of the hidden tools in Windows 10 is the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool. It is not known to many and it is not really necessary to know until it is needed. In any case, it is better to learn about this tool, the meaning of its work and when it is useful.

Learn about the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool and its features.

What is the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT)?

This tool is different from other diagnostic tools. Other tools in Windows 10 tend to fix and repair problems, but MSDT only reports what happens on your computer. Worse, you can't run it yourself. If you try, you will be prompted to enter a password that you do not have!

This is because MSDT is part of a larger support system. It is only used when you are talking to a Microsoft technician about a problem with your computer and the technician determines a log of work in progress.

In this case, the technician tells the MSDT what password to enter. . The tool will then track what you are doing on your computer and send data to Microsoft for diagnosis. The technician can ask you to perform certain tasks or run certain tools to get a better understanding of your PC's operation.

How to run the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool

If a technician asks you to boot MSDT, it's very easy. Click the Start button in the lower left corner, then type MSDT . Click the item that appears or press the Enter key.

  Msdt Start Command

Unfortunately, you are prompted to enter a password as long as you can. When talking to a technician who has been given to you explicitly. However, it's a good idea to know in advance, so if a Microsoft support representative needs to open it during technical support, you're ready to go.

How to Diagnose Your Computer

If a technician can't wait, he wants to provide a passkey and jump into his PC diagnostics. However, I will not use MSDT. Instead, use the system diagnostic report.

Easy to get started Click the start button and type run . Click the Run command that appears or press Enter.

  Msdt Start Run

When the Run command window opens, type perfmon / report on the command line and press Enter.

  Msdt Perfmon

The window appears for 60 seconds. When done, you'll see an error or worry sign. If you are checking for only common system errors, wait 60 seconds.

Otherwise, if you want to fix a specific problem, take 60 seconds to do this, and perfmon will catch the problem.

Perform Diagnostics

Opening the MSDT is easy, but unless a technician requests it, there is no reason. In fact, if you want to perform diagnostics on a Windows computer, you can use perfmon to quickly check for quick status.

What's your favorite tool and program to fix problems with your Windows 10 computer? Please let me know below!

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