How to use the Apple Watch to snap remote selfies

The Apple Watch is an amazing fitness tracker and a pretty good notification device. But it has other tricks, tricks that perhaps you didn't know or didn't know would be as useful as they are. One is the camera application. The Apple Watch doesn't have its own camera, but it gives you the remote control of your iPhone's camera.

This allows you to activate the camera shutter or record a video, from anywhere within the range of your iPhone's Bluetooth radio. Why? Group self-portraits, without having to set the timer and run back to your friends in time to smile. Videos: I used the camcorder function this week to record my progress for my guitar teacher. As I said, it could be more useful than you would expect.

Here's how to use the remote control of the Apple Watch camera.

An excellent wrist remote control

Because your Apple Watch is almost always connected to your iPhone, the configuration is non-existent. Simply open the Camera application on the clock and wait a moment. Soon, the camera view of your iPhone will appear on the watch screen, along with a shutter button and a timer button.

Then, simply use the Apple Watch screen to frame your photo and press one of the buttons. If you are taking a self-portrait, you may prefer to use the timer, which gives you three seconds to compose. If you are only using the clock application as a remote shutter, perhaps to take a photo in a hard-to-reach place or to keep the iPhone camera stable on a tripod, then the regular shutter button will do the trick

  Press strong to see the options for the current camera mode.
Press hard to see the options for the current camera mode.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Another interesting aspect of using the watch to frame your photo is that you don't need to see the iPhone. screen. That sounds obvious, but how about this? You can place the iPhone on the floor, face up and frame the perfect shot, even with the screen facing the floor.

Or you can lean the camera on a rock, or against a tree, without having to tilt it so you can see the screen to frame the shot. If the iPhone falls asleep, you can wake it up and start the Camera application from the clock. And you can even touch the screen to focus.

Selfies and self-portraits

  Take a picture or start the timer
Take a picture or start the timer.
Photo: Apple [19659016] In an era of selfies, it is easy to forget the long history of self-portrait, which existed long before cameras of any kind. We never had cameras with a screen and a lens that look in the same direction. With an iPhone self portrait, you can place yourself in a scene. And with an Apple Watch to help frame the photo, you don't even need to look at the lens. It is much more interesting than another vain duck face in front of the Eiffel Tower.


I take guitar lessons. One of my biggest problems is that I can often play a passage quite well, but when I'm in class, I fall apart. I get nervous and spoil parts that I can usually play well. So last week, I decided to record a video the day before class, so I could play it for my teacher. With the Apple Watch, this was easy.

I framed the shot with my iPhone, so I could simply record on the clock to capture a shot. And although I could have recorded a long shot and edit it later, with the clock it was so easy to press stop, then start, capture several shots and eliminate the bad ones.

However, when I came to class, I ended up playing the role perfectly. Well, maybe not perfectly, but it's much better than I usually handle. Just having it as a backup helped me relax.

Flash, Live Photos, change them all

Depending on how your iPhone's camera is, you can access different settings. Press hard on the Apple Watch screen to display these options. You can toggle Live Photos, toggle between the front and rear cameras, toggle the flash and even activate HDR mode.

To change the modes, that is, switch from video to photo to Portrait, etc., you must pick up your iPhone and do it from the Camera application.


You can also review the photo you just took, simply by touching the small thumbnail image in the corner of the clock screen. You can slide left and right to move between photos, double tap to display the image in full screen and use the digital crown to zoom in and out.

Apple Watch camera remote control

With just a time spent using it, I stopped seeing the control Apple Watch camera remote as a trick, to see it as an amazing tool that expands the possibilities of your iPhone camera even more. If you have an Apple Watch and have not used the camera's remote control application, try it now.

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