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Today is another day for Growth Hacking Unlocked. In today’s lecture, I’ll show you how you can use technology to grow faster with marketing. In other words, think of a maze. You don’t have to go through the maze to get to the end. There are shortcuts, and we will cover how to use them as a technique.

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A good example of this is Airbnb. When Airbnb first started, there were no accommodations. So what did they do? They took advantage of Craigslist and started scraping the list so they could get the list from day one. You can grow faster by leveraging communities like Craigslist, Subreddits, Facebook Group, Quora, Niche Forums, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

It’s also a good idea to test constantly. So when you try to grow your app, software, or e-commerce store, you might say, “Okay, what do my users want to see? How can I give more? And how can they grow faster if they give them more of what they want?”

Another example where the technique can be used is installing tools. Whether SEO tools or quizzes or calculators, the list of tools is endless and you can go to sites like CodeCanyon to find tools for 5, 10, 15 $20, white label them and display them on your website.

I did something similar to Ubersuggest. Of course I made it from scratch. Strictly speaking, I previously purchased the tool from someone else who owned Ubersuggest, but rebuilt the entire product. And it eventually drove many people into traffic jams. Now over 2 million visits per month in Ubersuggest alone. That’s the power of the tool.

Another example is a bank interest rate loan calculator that has done very well over time. Similar to NerdWallet, they use checking accounts and do comparisons. This is a concern checker and it did well.

Here’s another thing about credit cards. Balance transfer calculator. And when you think about this, these pages tend to rank high, have a high usage rate, have a high repeat usage rate, and generate a lot of natural backlinks. Even Google makes a lot of tools.

Another big area for growth is checkout. E-commerce or not, there will be a Checkout page. I also have a checkout page at the software company. If you’re taking advantage of two-step payment, you’ll usually see 10% if you ask for your email password first, or your name and email first, then all your credit card information in the second step. One change increases sales.

Other quick changes that can be made to the Checkout page, Trust Seals, have been used in the past to offer even more conversions, such as around 28%. Not that much anymore, but it still offers a lift. Product shot, we’ve seen a big rise in this. Progress bar, people can see that it is almost done.

The secret to abandoning the cart is how to get people to come back and complete the checkout. On average, 69.23% of people gave up carts. In large-scale checkout tests, checkout optimization can pay off $260 billion.

You can do a lot of things like email sequences. And when I do an email sequence like “Hey, come back”. The more specific you are, the more personal, and the more incentives you provide, the better you will be.

You can also get people back, like “Hey, don’t miss this,” using a quit pop-up or a reed magnet. After receiving the email, start sending a boom, sequence from there and come back to make a purchase.

There are also many other sales opportunities that people take for granted. One of the simplest. This is a high note and it’s a good idea to call people back within an hour. Seriously, call back in an hour.

Harvard Business Reviews conducted a study of 2,241 US companies. When you get in touch with a lead within the first hour, you’re 7 times more likely to have meaningful conversations with key decision makers.

In my experience, an hour means 80 to 85%, and you end up getting a response and attracting people. After 4 hours, it starts to drop in half, and as soon as you start looking at the past, the number decreases.

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