How to use RoboForm to manage and synchronize your browser bookmarks

RoboForm is more than a password manager: you can also use it as a tool to synchronize your browser's bookmarks.

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You can manage and synchronize your bookmarks in multiple browsers and devices using several third parties – parts and add-ons, but if you already use RoboForm as a password manager, the ability to synchronize your bookmarks is integrated into the software.When using RoboForm, import your bookmarks to your own password manager.These bookmarks automatically synchronize any browser and any machine on which RoboForm is installed Make a bookmark change in a browser or on a system, and synchronize with everyone else Let's see how it works

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First, you should check the bookmarks in your default browser to make sure they are organized and updated to be able to import them into Ro boForm.

Next, right-click on the RoboForm icon in the system tray. From the nu pop-up window, go to Tools and select Import ( Figure A ).

Figure A

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Figure B

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Figure C

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Figure D

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The next thing you can do is to better organize the imported bookmarks. For example, I removed all bookmarks from the Other bookmarks folder and in the Startup folder to be able to access them more easily. To do this from the RoboForm Bookmarks entry, click on the Edit command ( Figure E ).

Figure E

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Figure F

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Figure G

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Open the RoboForm bookmark editor again. To create a new folder, right-click on Start menu and select New folder from the menu To rename or delete an existing folder, right-click on the folder and choose Rename or Delete from the menu To rename or delete an existing bookmark, open your folder, right click on the bookmark and choose Rename or E Limit in the menu ( Figure H ).

Figure H

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Figure I

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In the bookmarks window, change th The name of the bookmark if desired. Click on the folder field and select the folder to which you want to add the bookmark. Click on Save. Your bookmark is added to the folder you chose in RoboForm ( Figure J ).

Figure J

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