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The Faceapp challenge is where celebrities, influential people, and ordinary Internet users use Russian apps to transform their selfies, sweeping the internet with older, younger, or opposite genders. Here's a look at the app and the different features it offers to transform your photos.

Download App

  Faceapp Download Page

Faceapp is available for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded from Google. Launch the Play Store or Apple App Store. There is a pro version hidden behind Paywall that you can only access after paying cash, but you can download the app without paying in advance.

Change Appearance Using the App

The app uses a simple interface that lets you edit existing selfies or modify new ones. This interface displays various options, such as taking a picture directly from your phone gallery or social media account. Using the app's camera, tap Gallery to select an existing selfie or take a new selfie.

  Faceapp photo upload page

Photos taken are uploaded to the app. Your photo will appear in the center of the app screen. At the bottom is a list of options:

  Faceapp Editor Menu

Smile: Add a smile to your selfie.

Age: Old – A few more years You will try to fight desperately for years, including drooping skin, wrinkles, dull hair, baldness and other aging symptoms.

Age: Young – Makes you look younger with rounder, smoother features and softer skin.

Women / Men: Click on the "fun" option in the bottom center of the screen and scroll to the right to find this option. You'll see a gender-changed version of your face.

Beard, Hairstyle, Glssesa: Add hair, other hairstyles or glasses to your face to shape.

In addition to these basic and most popular filters, you can use various filters to add makeup, blur the background, or add tattoos. Change your appearance in a different dramatic way. You also have the option to create GIFs and collages using "Layouts" on your photos.

Share Photos

 Faceapp Share Options

After you change the look using the app you can share new images on social media. The share icon appears above the morphed image. Tap the icon to open a list of social media apps you use, like Facebook or Instagram, and post your images directly.

You can also download images to the gallery in the upper right screen. When the image is downloaded, it is displayed in the Recent Images folder. Here you can edit further if you want before uploading the image online.

Paid version of the app

 Faceapp Gopro options

Some features of Faceapp are only accessible for a fee. This additional filter offers a variety of options including smoothing the face and adding a dramatic hairstyle.

You can also use the app without ads and remove the watermark from the bottom of the picture that appears in all selfies. Imported using the free version of the app. To access the paid version, go to the "Settings" section and click on the "GoPro" option.


Faceapp is a fun game where you can have fun or breathe in the pictures that fit your gender. After seeing how you look at your age, the horror paid version doesn't offer more features than the free version, so you can enjoy almost all the features the app offers without spending any money.

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