How to use document redaction in LibreOffice

LibreOffice now allows you to write text in documents. Find out how.

How to use document writing in LibreOffice
LibreOffice now allows you to write text in documents. Find out how.

There may be times when your company needs to share a document that contains confidential information. When that happens, what do you do? If you use LibreOffice and have installed the latest version, use the new document writing function.

If you have never heard of writing, the idea is simple: obscure a section or paragraphs of text so that they cannot be read under any circumstances. And now that LibreOffice contains this feature, you don't have to resort to another third-party tool for this to happen.

But how is the LibreOffice writing function used? It's not as easy as it should be, but it's not terribly challenging either. Let's find out.

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What you will need

Obviously you will need a document to write. You will also need the latest version of LibreOffice installed.

How to write text in LibreOffice

Writing text is simple, once you know what you're looking for. If you use the LibreOffice tabbed interface, the Compose button is located on the Review tab ( Figure A ).

Figure A

The Compose button in the tabbed view.

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The Compose button in the tabbed view.

If you use In the standard toolbar view, the Composition option is found in Tools | Compose ( Figure B ).

Figure B

The Compose button in the standard toolbar view .

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Open the document containing The text to write. Note: The document must be completely and completely edited, since you cannot edit text in Compose mode. With the document in question open, click on the Compose button and the document will open in LibreOffice Draw. Along with that new window, a floating Drafting toolbar will appear ( Figure C ).

Figure C

The Floating Drafting Toolbar.

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In that floating toolbar , you have two different options for writing:

  • Rectangle selection
  • Free form selection

Unless you have a very stable hand, the best option is Rectangle selection. Click on that button. and then highlight the text in the document to be written ( Figure D ).

Figure D

Text selected for writing.

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Text selected for editing.

Once you have selected your text for editing, return to the Redact floating toolbar and click on the drop-down menu (directly to the left of the PDF icon). This drop-down menu ( Figure E ) contains two options:

  • Export white Redact
  • Export black Redact

Figure E

The Redact drop-down menu.

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You must select the Redact Export Black option. If you select the Redact Export White option, the wording it will export at 50% opacity, which is not a wording at all.When you select Redact Export Black, you export the completely worded (and irrevocably) blackened text ( Figure F ).

Figure F

Our drafted text.

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When selecting the Redact Export Black option, you will be ask that name and save the new one to PDF file.

And that's all there is to write text in the latest version of LibreOffice. You can write documents in each of the LibreOffice tools, so it is not limited to Writer alone. Enjoy this new level of security for your company's documents.

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