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Raspberry Pi 4B was first launched at the end of June 2019 and a new version of Raspbian, the official operating system of Raspberry Pie, has been released. Not long after, the Raspbian operating system, Debian, released the latest version of the Debian 10 Buster.

Thanks to Debian's framework, upgrading the operating system of RaspberryPie is very simple. Also, if you want to use your existing Raspbian installation on a new Raspberry Pi 4, you can do it after upgrading to Buster.

Pi update

It is a good idea to verify that your existing Raspbian installation is completely up to date before upgrading Pi. The shorter the distance between the software versions in the upgrade, the better. A big leap can cause conflicts that can not be solved easily and can cause problems permanently. This is best because Raspbian is designed to seamlessly move from a fully updated Stretch installation to Buster.

Access Pi. This part is easy if you have a monitor. You can open the terminal. If you are running headless pie, you need SSH. Windows 10 users can use the built-in OpenSSH features provided. If you are using Mac or Linux, you can open a terminal and use SSH.

Then run update and upgrade on Pi. Sudo sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade

Depending on how old Pi is, it may take some time or it may not. Check the package installation and wait for it to finish. When you are finished, it is a good idea to reboot the pie and double check that your system is running the latest kernel.

Change source file

If Pi is back online, you can set Pi for upgrade. Like Debian, Raspbian uses a configuration file in "/etc/apt/sources.list" to control the software repository. This file also specifies the operating system version from which to import the package. So you can upgrade Raspbian using Buster instead of Stretch.

Use Pi's Nano text editor to open the source configuration.

The file should be similar to the image below.

  Raspbian Stretch Sources


  Raspbian Buster Source

File Save and Close

Run distribution updates

When you archive a file, you can run the distribution on Raspberry Pi to download all packages and officially change to the new version Buster. Run the following command to start the process:

After updating the repository and evaluating the required packages, the package manager will prompt the user to install the new package Upgrade effectively. Please check to begin the upgrade.

It will take a long time to connect, especially over older versions of Pi or Wi-Fi. Be patient and wait until all is over.

Reboot and Test It Out

You must reboot Pi before using Raspbian Buster.

Access Pi again after it comes back online. Verify that Buster is running by issuing the following command:

  Raspbian Release Info

When you come back like an image, RusterPi runs Buster and everything is completely updated. Now you can smoothly transfer your microSD card to Raspberry Pi 4, or you can continue to use it right now in Pi with updated software.

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