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The internet is a treasure of information and entertainment, but the graphics and advertising on some pages can be overwhelming. To reduce confusion on the page that interferes with what you want to read, most browsers have an option called "Reader mode" or "Reader view", which will remove all excess information and only display articles.

Here's how to access Reader mode in the world's most popular desktop browser. The instructions in this article refer to the desktop versions of these browsers. However, most mobile versions have a reader mode.


Chrome has experimented with Reader mode for many years but is still not publicly available in the browser. Instead, it's in a flag that lets you find and use settings and extensions that didn't ship with your browser.

This flag requires version 75 of Chrome. Click on the three dots in the top right corner to see if this version is available. Hover over & # 39; Help & # 39; and select & # 39; About Chrome & # 39 ;. Chrome will display your current version and install all updates automatically. Click Restart to complete the update.

To get Reader Mode in Chrome:

1. chrome: // flags / # enable-reader-mode. Enter

2. Click the drop down box and click Enable.

 Browser Reader Mode Chrome

3. You can use Reader mode by restarting your browser.

When in web mode you want to view in reader mode, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the browser and select "distilled water". Page. "

 Browser Reader Mode Chrome Example

To return to normal page, just press the back button.

Reader view is built into the Firefox browser If you have a reader view on a page, you will see a paper icon at the end of your browser's address bar

 Browser Reader mode Firefox

Clicking on the icon causes the browser to reload the page in Reader View

 Browser Reader Mode Firefox Example

Firefox is a few that allows you to change the font, size, and background color in Reader Mode. It also offers two options: It also has the ability to read text and save it to Pocket for later reading.

Ope ra

Opera does not have Reader View by default, but you can install the extension to provide options Install the Reader View Extension

 Add Browser Reader Mode Opera Extension [19659002] Once a book icon appears in the address bar  Expand Browser Reader Mode Opera Reader Mode

Click the icon to enable Reader View

 Browser Reader Mode Opera Example

The first time you turn on Reader View, you are prompted that you can choose what you want to see before clicking the icon.Preselecting text reduces the likelihood that the extension will display incorrect content on the page. Related : Is your browser extension slow?

Microsoft Edge

Edge's Reader View comes standard.

Click the gray book next to the favorite star

 Browser Reader Mode Edge

Click to change direction. The reader view of the page loads.

 Example of browser reader mode edge

Edge has its own view. Instead of scrolling down like you would when using Reader view in other browsers, use the arrows on the edge of the window to scroll sideways.


Reader mode buttons are standard in the current version of Safari. In the address bar you will see the word "Reader" in a gray box.

 Safari in browser reader mode Clicking the

button enters reader mode and the button turns purple.

 Browser Reader Mode Safari Example

You can set your browser to open most pages in Reader mode, starting with Safari 11 on macOS High Sierra and Sierra. To do this:

1. Access a web page where reader mode is available.

2. Right click on the URL box.

3. Select the settings for your website. In the pop-up box that displays

find the location that says "When you visit this website." Check the box labeled "Use Reader" to load all websites in reader mode. If available. "

There are additional settings for Safari's Reader in Safari's Preferences. Here, Safari can be set to open all websites in Reader mode by default.

Add any of these browsers It's easier to read and maintain information from websites that don't contain a lot of material

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