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Siri is very useful for a wide range of functions, from sending text messages with voice commands to finding a phone. Voice Assistant has grown steadily and supports more than 21 languages.

Siri is very powerful, but it can be more annoying because it's not very effective for some people due to accent issues. Some may be concerned about privacy issues and may not use Siri. Here's how to disable Siri on iOS devices and Macs.

How to turn off Siri on iOS devices

You can choose to turn off Siri partially or completely on iOS devices. If you only have certain features you don't want, you can only disable features like the ability that Siri actively receives a "Hey Siri" activation call. This will prevent Siri from accidentally being activated. Similarly, you can choose to turn off Siri from the lock screen. You can turn this setting all on or off from the "Siri & Search" menu in the Settings app.

If none of these options have any effect or you want to turn them all off, you can disable it. Siri completely. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device.

2. Select "Siri & Search".

 Disabling Siri Siri and Search Settings

3. Turn off the "Listen for Siri" and "Press side buttons for Siri" toggles.

 Disable Siri Option Ios Disabled

4. Turning off the toggle will warn you to disable Siri. Tap "Turn off Siri."

 Disable Siri Turn off Siri

This action completely turns off Siri on your device. If you've used Siri before, you should know that everything you said earlier for testing and product improvement was sent to Apple's voice server as anonymous data. This data can be kept on the server for up to two years.

You can also remove all voice data stored on Apple servers after disabling Siri. According to Apple, this data can only be removed by disabling the Siri and "Dictation" features in iOS. That is, in this case you need to disable dictation so that all voice data is removed from the server.

To disable the dictation feature on your device:

1. In the Settings app, go to "General-> Keyboard".

 Disable Siri Keyboard Ios

2. Disable the "Enable dictation" option.

 Siri Off Dictation Ios Disabled

Voice commands for iOS devices are turned off completely.

How to Turn Siri Off on Your Your Mac

It's very easy to disable Siri on your Mac.

1. Open System Preferences on your Mac.

2. Click "Siri".

 Disabling Siri Siri System Preferences

3. Just uncheck the "Enable Siri Ask" option.

 Disable Siri Disable Siri OK

Turn Siri off your device completely. To remove voice data from Apple servers, you also need to turn off dictation. Follow the steps below.

1. Click "Keyboard" in System Preferences.

 Disable Siri Keyboard

2. Click "Dictation" and turn dictation off.

 Siri disabled dictation

Turning off this feature removes voice data from Apple servers and releases voice commands. Disable on Mac.

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