How to try Microsoft's Chromium-powered Edge Beta

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By the end of 2018, Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing that Edge was changing from a custom engine to Google's ubiquitous and open source Chromium platform. When switching to Chromium, Microsoft could better support the constantly evolving web standards, ensuring that it does not encounter occasional failures that occurred with its patented engine. Now you can try it yourself, even if you are not a developer.

To be clear, Microsoft first allowed public access to the new Edge in April, but these were developments (weekly) and canaries (daily). that risked instability and technical problems. It is better to leave them in the hands of experts.

But earlier this week, Microsoft introduced an honest beta version that promises a more stable experience; The company says the beta version is "ready for daily use." To test Edge Beta, or if you were one of the first to adopt and want to switch to a more stable update channel, simply go to the Microsoft Edge Insider page. From there, you can try the various browser channels and stay updated on what's new.

The general set of functions has not changed much since the developer's compilations were introduced. You can read our original post for a summary, but for the most part it's a mix of classic Edge and Chrome.

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When you start the application, you are asked to choose between three New Tab designs: Centered, Inspired and Informative. Focused is just a blank page with a search bar and some commonly used sites. Inspirational adds a background image extracted from Bing, while Informative behaves more like the old Edge, adding Microsoft's news service to the mix. You can also sign in with multiple profiles that will sync between devices, such as Chrome.

However, one of the biggest advantages of the new Edge is the ability to run most of the Google Chrome Store extensions. . That opens up a lot of custom features that were not available in the original version of the Microsoft browser. Of course, Microsoft also has its own set of Edge-specific extensions, but its store is not as robust.

On the other hand, there are some features of the classic Edge that I miss, like & # 39; Reading List & # 39; for storing articles and the ability to annotate pages. The alternatives are available in the Chrome Web Store, but I miss having those features integrated.

Although some will regret how pervasive Chromium is, for most users, it means that Windows gets a better built-in browser. And if you want to try it on Mac, well, you can do it too.

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