How to Troubleshoot a Router (And Find Out If You Need a New Router)

Router is the mega-brain of all Internet activity in the house. If you want to communicate with each other over a local network or a wider Internet, you can make your router work perfectly in your daily life.

Let me show you how to troubleshoot your router. Actually check whether your router is responsible for your problem.

The Obvious Stuff

Here are some basic troubleshooting tips to check and try:

  • Turn your router back on. (Yes, you may have already figured out one of them, but will not be as smart as everyone .)
  • Check your broadband status webpage on your Internet service provider for known issues .
  How to troubleshoot router service status
  • Test your Internet connection with another device. If only one device is connected, there is no problem with the router.
  • If you can not connect via Wi-Fi, make sure you can connect your device to the router using an Ethernet cable and connect it to the Internet. Ideally, try a few devices. You can then clearly see if there is a problem with the Wi-Fi connection on your router or its individual devices.
  • Make sure that the cable between the router and the modem is securely connected. This cable often includes a nut and bolt mechanism at both ends and may loosen over time.

Router Wi-FiChannelChange

If the home Wi-Fi transmission from the router is slow or paused completely, the Wi-Fi channel may be busy with traffic from other Wi-Fi users in the local area.

  How to troubleshoot router channel issues

Wi-Fi channel through router settings. To go to router settings, you need a "default gateway" IP, which is the router address of your network. This is usually,, or similar and must be entered into the browser. To find the router's IP address in Windows 10:

You are prompted for your router user name and login. It depends on the IP provider and can be recorded on the router itself.

How do I know if my router has Wi-Fi channel settings, and which channel to choose? Read the guide on how to find the best Wi-Fi channel for your network.

Router Reset

A much more radical step than restarting or rebooting the router is to reset it.

  How to Troubleshoot Router Reset

There are usually two methods. One is to use the physical buttons of the router itself. One may need to press a pin) and the other one explains how to access from the previous title on the router's configuration page.

Router Firmware Upgrade

You may find another solution Your router settings are firmware upgrades. It can also be found through router settings and requires a connection to the Internet for the router to work (you can resolve router-to-router issues, but not Internet-to-router issues).


The above are some of the key ways to solve router problems that are malfunctioning. If the above action fails, contact your ISP to request a connection reset. In addition, it is worth looking at a new router (ideal for ISPs to provide free of charge!).

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