How to trade weapons with friends in Borderlands 3

There are a billion and one cannons in Borderlands 3, with countless varieties of shotguns, rifles, guns, cutting edge guns and more. If you are playing with a friend or three, you may want to exchange weapons and try a different loot. Or maybe you'll get a gun that just doesn't work for your style of play, but it's something your friend has been trying desperately to get. Whatever the reason, this is how it is done to trade weapons in Borderlands 3.

How to exchange weapons with friends in Borderlands 3

Jump to Borderlands 3 with your friend or friends with whom you would like to trade. Make sure you are close and extremely close to each other.

  1. Zoom in and press X when the message appears on the screen
  2. . They will send an invitation to exchange and their friends need to accept the invitation .
  3. Choose a gun or pistols or other items to trade from your available inventory
  4. Your friend also will choose a gun
  5. Confirm the exchange, you'll have a couple of seconds to go back

Now enjoy your new weapon. Or don't do it. Or exchange again.

If someone is not online but really wants to give him a weapon anyway, he can also use the mail system to simply give a weapon directly to a friend. It is important to keep in mind that you must be in the game, not in the main menu.

  1. Go to the social menu in the game where you can see your friends
  2. Select Mail tab
  3. Press X to send mail
  4. Choose a item in his inventory and a friend to send it to

Before even starting to think However, in this regard, no, you cannot exchange weapons to obtain a super powerful weapon from the beginning to destroy enemies and bosses. The weapons are locked at the level, which means that you will probably need to be close (but not exactly) to the same level as your friend with whom you exchange to start using the new weapon immediately.

Even so, even with a large level disparity, this can still be useful. If a top-level friend is filling his inventory with weapons that they know they won't use, they can download some to free up space. Or if they get an incredible and rare roll with great bonus effects, but it is for a type of weapon that they will never use and will do, it is perfect to send it to you safely.

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how to trade weapons with friends in borderlands 3

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