How to tie a PlayStation-linked Fortnite account to your Nintendo Switch

Sony did not endorse a firm and determined approach to cross-platform games yesterday, finally announcing that players from Epic Games Fortnite will begin using PlayStation-linked accounts on Nintendo Switch. You can play against each other on Xbox One and on a shared server. After the disaster catastrophe that Sony experienced at E3, consumer movement is a big win. It may also be the first step toward a broader and more innovative transformation of the console gaming industry in the limited console gaming industry with limited access to the platform that has existed since the widespread adoption of online gaming multiplayer.

John Kodera, president and global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, says that this feature will be offered "in order to perform a thorough test" in Open Beta, but it is still not a simple solution, did. end, Epic is trying to help player with the ability to merge accounts. This means that any player using multiple purchases and virtual currencies can consolidate them into one account. Epic is also working on a separate feature to unlink accounts from one device and reconnect with other devices. (According to Epic, the former appears in November, and the latter in "Days".)

PlayStation account is now available from Nintendo Switch version of As long as you are careful not to lose access to an item. For a PSN player like myself who does not get in the way of playing on the switch because I can not access my skins or the BattlePass process, it's the simplest solution that Switch can play right.

Step 1: Login to the Epic Games website with your Nintendo ID and unlink the switch.

The most important thing about this process is that it does not happen on the Nintendo Switch itself. Actually You do not need to log in to the PSN account properly in the switch version of Fortnite. Nintendo Fortnite because the client itself can not log out of the switch connection Epic account. Once you sign in, your account is out of Nintendo's point of view.

With Epic's online account system, you can now interact freely between Sony's PlayStation Network and the Nintendo Account system. If you have never bothered to play Fortnite on the switch, and you have never created a Nintendo-centric account at first, you will look better. Go directly to step 2.

how to tie a playstation linked fortnite account to your nintendo switch

Note this warning if you have purchased or lost a product from the switch version of Fortinet. We will not go with you until Epic starts the account integration feature in November.

Once you have created an Epic account linked to your Nintendo Switch, go to the Epic Games website and log in to your Nintendo account. From there, click the & # 39; Account & # 39; option under your username, go to & # 39; Connected Accounts & # 39; and click & # 39; Unlink & # 39; Click. If you follow the prompts, you'll see a warning message stating that you lose access to purchase, progress, and shared profile data. Sony's policy changes also warn that this process will not "unlock a limited platform".

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Step 2: Login to the Epic Games website with your PSN account and reconnect the switch.

If you are now a PS4 Fortnite player, you have already created an Epic account. Log in to the console itself. Logging in to the same Epic website and moving to the associated account will provide a list of platforms and now includes a working switch option. Click & # 39; Link & # 39; to sign in with your Nintendo account. That's all. I have a good link.

Step 3: Run Fortnite on the switch and have the

switch automatically log in to Fortnite and connect to your Nintendo account, which is the same account you just linked to the PSN via Epic's website became. You must agree to the EULA, but you will be automatically logged in. After that, you can see the safe and healthy skins and progress of the Battle Pass on the Nintendo Switch.

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