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The screen capture tool gets a radical change in iOS 13, and I'm not even talking about the new and elegant toolbar for Apple Pencil marking. You can take advantage of two interesting new features when you take a screenshot in the next version of iOS.

One, you can capture the entire web page, not only what you can see on the screen at this time, but all, from top to bottom, as if you had joined many screenshots. Two, you can save these screenshots of all pages as PDF files with text and active and selectable links.

The following explains how to take full advantage of PDF screenshots in iOS 13.

Full-page screenshots of iOS 13

  new full-page screenshot. Look at the long and tall miniature on the right.
The new full page screenshot. Look at the long and tall miniature on the right.
Photo: Cult of Mac

To take a full page screenshot of a web page, simply take a screenshot as usual (⌘4 on the keyboard or by pressing the button screen capture correct for your device). Then, in the new set of controls at the top of the screen, tap the switch to switch to Full Page (the default is Screen ).

The view will change to show the entire web page, from top to bottom. If there is something you don't like at the top, bottom or side, you can remove it with the clipping tool. (This will not affect the PDF rendering capability.)

Take PDF screenshots on iPhone or iPad

  Here is a screenshot of Reader View, saved as PDF.
Here is a screenshot of Reader View, saved as PDF
Photo: Cult of Mac

Now, the next part is the important part. If you choose to save the screenshot as usual, it will be saved in your Photo library as an image. But if you touch the share arrow and save the screenshot in the Files application, it will be saved as a PDF.

Not only this, but that PDF will have selectable and searchable text; active links, clickable, and everything else you would expect. You also don't have to save it in Files. You can use the share arrow to open the PDF with the PDF viewer you want.

Reader View PDF screenshots

  Create a reader View PDF screenshot.
Create a reader View PDF.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Finally, if you enter Safari Reader View before capturing the screenshot, you will get a beautiful and clean version of the site, with all the ads, comments and other junk removed. Even if you don't run your browser with a content blocker, this is a great way to make sure your archived sites are not full of noise.

In the old way to make PDF, improved

  The new print view is already quite clean. It's great for making PDF screenshots on iOS 13.
The new print view is already quite clean.
Photo: Cult of Mac

If you prefer paginated PDFs, you can save the web page in PDF. fashion way. Simply press the share arrow and look for the command Print . Touch that, and then you will see the print preview. Pinch this preview to convert it to a PDF and share it as you wish. iOS 13 makes a pretty good attempt at creating a kind of pseudo-print view, which cleans advertisements and sidebars, but does not offer a cleaning as radical as Reader's View.

Speaking of which, here is a professional advice – enable Reader View before "printing" to get a very clean and paginated version of the page.

Which, when?

If I am saving a long article as a PDF, I would like to do it in the old way, using a paginated, "printed" PDF. But if I'm keeping a forum thread, then the new way is better, at least for me. I like this method because it keeps everything more like the original forum format.

  Even the Share arrow now has an option to save as PDF.
Even the Share arrow now has an option to save as PDF. [19659008] Screenshot: Cult of Mac

This is a fantastic addition to the iOS screen capture tool. First, it makes the creation of PDF files more accessible. Second, more options are always welcome for this type of tool.

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