How to Take a Photo or Video with the Camera App on a Chromebook


Google has been improving its camera application for Chrome OS. If you need to take a video or a photo using your Chromebook using the built-in camera application, here is how.

There may be times when you want to record a video or take a picture using the camera on your Chromebook. But until recently, the ability to record a video was not part of the standard camera application on Chrome OS . For a video, you had to use a third-party Android application from the Play Store (if your Chromebook supports them). But Google added the ability to bring videos to its built-in camera application. Is that how it works.

Take a photo or video with Chromebook

To start, open the Camera application from the launcher menu or touch the Search button on the keyboard and click.


Once the Camera application is turned on, you can switch between taking a photo or video. When you are ready to take the photo or record the video, simply click on the record button.


After taking the video or photo, you can view them directly from the Camera application or find them in the Files application. To view from the Camera application, simply click on the thumbnail of the most recent image taken in the lower right corner. That will open the Gallery application. There you can play videos or see the photos you have taken.


You can also find the photos in the Files application in My files> Downloads . There you will see all the most recent shots you have taken with the Camera app. From there, you can watch your videos, share them or simply delete them from your device.


It is also worth noting that with Chrome OS 76 the company has updated the Camera application. The new interface allows easier navigation between shooting modes. It also works in portrait mode on Pixel Slate and other Chromebooks.


With recent updates, taking videos and photos using the Camera app on your Chromebook has become quite intuitive. It is very similar to taking photos and videos on your phone. In fact, it reminds me of when the Kindle Fire first came out and there was also a hidden camera application. But the good thing is that Google is making an effort to improve it.

Keep in mind that low-end Chromebooks don't have the best built-in webcams. Therefore, you will not want to use it to produce a YouTube series. However, it is a good way to send a quick video to friends and family or post to a social networking site.

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