How to stop your kids from wasting their lives on Apple Arcade

The new Apple Arcade subscription gaming service is here and it seems like an incredible offer. For only $ 5 per month, everyone in your family has unlimited access to dozens of exclusive games (with a free one-month trial to watch it). Even better for parents, there are no in-app purchases at Apple Arcade, so your children won't beg you to buy more coins or whatever every five minutes.

However, they can still spend too much time in games when they should be playing with zero-kilometer organic wooden toys, or pretending that the old washing machine's delivery box is a panic room. Fortunately, Apple's Screen Time feature already works with Apple Arcade, so you can restrict access to each and every game.

Apple Arcade is perfect for children

Apple Arcade, which is getting excellent reviews from the start, requires a special subscription. But once you subscribe, Apple Arcade games act like any other game. You tap to download them to your iPhone or iPad, and get your own application icon on the home screen. That means they also appear as games in the restrictions section of the Screen Time app, Apple's parental control feature.

As you may know, Screen Time allows you to selectively restrict the use of an iOS device. You can block content for adults of all kinds and set daily limits for using the application. You can control and monitor all this from your own iPhone, even if your child has their own iPad. (If you have already set up Screen Time, you may not need to do anything to limit your child's Apple Arcade time.)

Today, we will limit the use of the game to, for example, half an hour per day. [19659007] How to limit Apple Arcade games with Screen Time

  If you want to limit Apple Arcade games with Screen Time, start with App Limits.
Start with App Limits.
Photo: Cult of Mac

To start, open the application Settings and tap Screen time . It is at the bottom of the second block, in the left column. Then, touch Application limits then move the switch on the next screen. Then, touch Add limit . Finally, we are on the screen we need.

  How to use iOS Screen Time: Touch to select which applications and categories you want to limit.
Touch to select which applications and categories you want to limit. [19659010] Photo: Cult of Mac

The category you want is Games. You can touch the circle to restrict all games, or you can touch the small arrow to expand a list of all games installed on that device. In this case, it might be better to limit all games, especially if you have your children's iDevice set to allow them to download any Apple Arcade game.

<img title = "DraggedImage 2 4" src = "" class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-652532 "alt =" Use Screen Time to set a general time limit for the Games. [19659009] Set a general time limit for the Games.
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Then, tap the circle to select Games then press Next . You can now set a time limit. Do that and touch Set . If you wish, you can customize the times yet more, giving extra time on weekends, for example.

 Customize daily game limits for your child's iPhone or iPad.
Personalize the daily limits.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Touch Done until you leave this section and you are ready. Your children can only Play for as long as you have established. You will see an alert five minutes before time runs out, and then the game will close.

Begging begins

You will have the opportunity to request more time, and you can also unlock the limit with the Screen Time password. What reminds me: you must set an access code on the main Screen Time screen. That is good and that your children can not guess.

That's it. With Screen Time and Apple Arcade, you can be sure that your children will not do anything wrong. Also, take a look inside the Screen Time settings, because there is so much there. If your children are young, for example, you may want to restrict the types of things they see, using age limits. Now, enjoy a well-deserved afternoon nap for parents.

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