How to stop The Outer Worlds frame rate dropping so often on PC

The Outer Worlds, the new Obsidian role-playing game that has received excellent reviews is finally available to everyone. But, as PC players have begun to jump into the Halcyon colonies, many are experiencing some rather irritating performance problems.

I have experienced them firsthand, as have friends and an increasing number of people visiting places like the Outer Worlds subreddit. . In the case of frame rate and total fluctuation, there is at least something that can do that should help improve the problem.

Unfortunately, it means running at a lower frame rate. But, I've tried this and over the course of an hour or so playing in the first missions in Edgewater and its surroundings, and it seems to have helped stabilize the frame rate.

Go to the game settings and change each one. these:

  • Make sure the game runs in full screen. By default, Outer Worlds seems to be set to run in full screen with window.
  • Limit frame rate to 60 FPS.

Before applying both configurations, I had been seeing what appear to be many others, frequent stuttering and much slowing of frame rate. Since there is no option between 60 FPS and 120 FPS, 60 FPS seems to have done the trick. I could also enable VSync, but I quit and everything is fine.

But with the above applied, the game now seems quite stable, even in Ultra configurations. In no situation has the GPU been maximized, and although I cannot speak for everyone's problems, in my own case it is certainly not the hardware that is running out of free space.

So, try this and I hope it helps stabilize things a bit. Hopefully Obsidian has some patches to fix the problem correctly.

The Outer Worlds is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC and is available on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC.

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