How to Stop Humans from Listening to Your Amazon Alexa Recordings


The only way to improve Alexa is to have real human beings review voice recordings and transcripts for errors. But if you want more control over privacy, you can choose not to participate.

Your smart speakers are listening, and some might argue spying on you. In fact, it's not just about your smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home, but about any device with a digital assistant. When it comes to Amazon devices, we've shown you how to listen to your Alexa voice recordings and delete them. When you listen to the recordings again, what you hear may surprise you as everything that is within earshot is recorded. Especially if you have activated the tracking mode.

Also, to help improve Alexa functionality, Amazon staff reviews voice recordings and transcripts. One of the only ways to improve the functioning of Alexa is to have humans check for errors.

It is important to keep in mind that your voice (and background audio) is only recorded, saved and potentially reviewed after the Alexa activation word starts. . Alexa and other digital assistants are not recording 24/7. And Amazon and notes that it only reviews a small percentage of recordings. Still, if the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis bothers you, you can choose not to receive human comments from your voice recordings.

Prevent humans from listening to your Alexa recordings

For Alexa on your Amazon Echo, start the Alexa application on Android or iOS (or visit Open the menu and go to Settings> Alexa Privacy > Manage how your data improves Alexa .


On the next screen, turn off the "Help improve Amazon services and develop new features" option. And while you're here, you may also want to disable transcription options.


It is important to enter and review your Alexa voice recordings from time to time. It could also help you determine the location of your speakers and how often Alexa uses other devices. Oh, and that includes Fire TV. If you search for programs using the voice remote control or have your Echo connected to Fire TV, that is also maintained on Amazon servers.

Now, this is not just an Amazon or Alexa problem. All technology companies keep audio recordings of their voice interactions with digital assistants. If you don't want an intelligent speaker to listen at all, you don't need to disconnect it. See our article on how to prevent Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana and Alexa from actively listening.

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