How to stop Apple Card notifications from bombarding you

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Disable those annoying notifications from Apple Card
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Are you enjoying your new Apple Card? Isn't it excellent to accumulate debt when accompanied by a titanium card and an elegant application? But what you may not be enjoying are the Apple Card notifications that began to appear on your iPhone.

Here we explain how to stop them. But beware: it is an all or nothing proposal that clearly illustrates an annoying problem with iPhone notifications.

Apple Card Notifications: All or Nothing

The Apple Card notification that is most likely to bother you is the Daily Cash Alert, which will appear every morning. Unfortunately, you cannot disable only Daily Cash notifications. You can only disable notifications on your Apple Card completely. That would mean that you would not receive transaction notifications, which is a problem because they could alert you to fraudulent use of your card.

If you decide to disconnect everything, doing so is easy. Simply open the application Wallet tap the More button and go to Transactions .

Then, touch Allow notifications to Enable or disable notifications. If you want to go nuclear and eliminate all Wallet notifications, you can do so in the configuration application in Notifications .

Clunky iOS notifications

It is quite annoying that Apple does not allow you to disable only Daily Cash alerts. This is a good example of the limits of iOS notifications in general. Most of my notifications are disabled, because many applications take advantage of the all or nothing nature of the notification framework. You may have notifications enabled in an application to receive legitimate alerts, but the application also sometimes sends you promotional garbage.

Because you cannot adjust the notifications of the iPhone you receive, you must endure spam or activate everything outside Usually, I choose the last one, before looking for a replacement application. If the developers think it's okay to send me spam, I'm not using their applications.

So, this is how to turn off notifications on your Apple Card. One would think that Apple would set a better example.

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