How to sign into your Microsoft Account website without a password

Learn how to log in to your Microsoft account site using your fingerprint, face, or a physical security key through Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.


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Microsoft's Windows Hello feature helps you avoid passwords by allowing you to log in to your Windows 10 device through your face, your fingerprint, a security key physical or a PIN. Windows Hello is also compatible on the web, courtesy of the FIDO2 protocol. Several websites have already adopted Windows Hello technology to allow logins without a password. The number of websites supported is still small, although Microsoft supports it through its Microsoft account site. Windows Hello logins on the Microsoft account site work in the three main browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

To start, you will need to use a computer on which you have already set up one of the Windows Hello authentication features to log in to Windows 10, such as a fingerprint reader, a Windows Hello-compatible webcam or a security key physics like a YubiKey. A PIN can be used if necessary if those other Windows Hello methods are not available on your current device. For my part, I use a fingerprint reader built into my Lenovo laptop.

I will cover the steps in Microsoft Edge, but the process works the same way in Chrome and Firefox, so you can use any of the three browsers you prefer.

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First, make sure you have updated your preferred browser to the latest version. Then, open your Microsoft account page and click on the Login link ( Figure A ).

Figure A

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Figure B

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Figure C

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Figure D

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Figure E

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Figure F

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On the Security page, click on the More security options section ( Figure G ).

Figure G

  figure -g.jpg

On the Additional Security Options page, scroll down down to the Windows Hello And Security Keys section and click on the link to Configure Windows Hello ( Figure H ).

Figure H

  figure-h.jpg figure-hjpg “/>

On the Windows Hello screen, click Next. Your built-in authentication method must be detected; use that method to log in or click on the link for More options to see other methods ( Figure I ). You are logged in to the site.

Figure I

  figure-i.jpg "data-original =" 04 / 326acd2c-58ad-4a7c- 8d6c-dbab5c3e4bf9 / resize / 770x / c09296838c7ae63cf10541ef242e9ed2 / figure-i.jpg

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