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Shazam is an app that does not require an introduction. This app lets you quickly see artist names and song names. Each time you identify a song, you need to place it so your app can use external speakers to play the song.

But it's difficult to identify songs when listening to music on your device. I personally listen to music through earphones. You can now identify the song on your device even when the earphone is plugged in.

How to check songs from Shazam with earphones

Earlier versions of Shazam songs using external speakers of the device. With the latest updates to your app, you no longer have to use your device's speakers to name songs. To use this feature, you'll need to update your app to the latest version.

Because you have captured audio internally, you do not need a microphone for the earphones you use. To use this feature, launch Shazam and swipe right to enter "My Shazam".

  Shazam My

Tap the gear on the top left of the display to set your app. Swipe up until you see the option "Pop-Up Shazam".

  Shazam Popup

Shazam is an option that allows you to identify this song internally. Ask the app for permission to display above other apps. The app will automatically link to where you can enable this option, and you must also grant the app the ability to record audio.

When this permission is enabled, Shazam Pop-Up is enabled and is visible in the notification bar. Say "Pop-Up Shazam is on, use it to identify music while using other apps." If you want to turn this feature off, follow the steps mentioned above and turn it off.

There is no obligation to use floating icons. Apps can identify songs by tapping the Shazam logo on the main page.

Where to see song lyrics

When you identify a song that has earphones on, Shazam displays the lyrics. On the floating Shazam icon, move the entire song to the right. When you tap the floating icon, Shazam shows you the option to open the song in Spotify and add it to the playlist.

  Shazam 가사

All the songs that Shazam has identified can be found in the app's My Shazam list. If you try to hide the Shazam icon, you can easily display it by tapping the notification that will always appear in the tray.


You can now identify the song. Sent from the app on your device. Better yet, the Shazam feature is that you can easily add newly discovered songs to Spotify playlists without the hassle of using earphones. What do you think about this feature?

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