How to set up your new Apple Watch the right way

New Apple Watch? Congratulations! Whether you have the Series 5 with your screen always on, or have made a bargain with the still useful Series 3, you may be wondering how to set it up. After all, the watch is unlike any other Apple device, both in its dependence on its iPhone and in the way it works.

The good thing is that Apple has really done it, very easy to put into operation. Let's take a look.

Take your iPhone

The first step is to put on your new Apple Watch and then turn it on by pressing and holding the side button. When it's on, bring your new iPhone. As with setting up a new Apple Pencil, or a pair of AirPods, the iPhone will detect your new watch and automatically open a panel on the screen. Touch Continue on this panel.

  Like setting up a new iPhone.
Like setting up a new iPhone.
Photo: Apple

Now, like setting up a new iPhone, Apple Watch will display an animation on its screen. Point your iPhone's camera at this cloud of pixels, and the two devices will pair.

Configure or restore

The next step depends on whether you have ever used an Apple Watch or not. Otherwise, you will set the clock suggestion as new. If so, you can also choose to restore from a backup.

This is also the part where you log in to iCloud with your Apple ID. Our own Graham Bower, Apple Watch resident expert, says that your Apple Watch should automatically log in to your Apple ID. If not, you will have to do it from the Apple Watch application on your iPhone.

Add a password

  Set a password.
Set a password.
Photo: Apple [19659017]

An access code keeps your Apple Watch safe. You don't have to have one, but if you want to use your Apple Watch for Apple Pay, you must do so. It is also a good practice, taking into account the amount of biometric data your watch will have.

Configure your Apple Watch

Now, you can configure your settings. Some settings are shared with your iPhone. "If you activated Find my iPhone, Location services, Wi-Fi calling and Diagnostics for your iPhone," says Apple, "this setting is automatically activated for your Apple Watch."

And if you use Siri, you & # 39; I will also have to turn it on on your iPhone.

Add apps and sync

  This shouldn't take long ...
This shouldn't take long …
Photo: Apple

We are almost there. The final part is choosing which applications you want to install on your Apple Watch. This is solved, like most Apple Watch configurations, from the comfort of the Apple Watch application on the iPhone. You can choose to send all applications, or simply choose the ones you want to install. Either way, those applications will be sent to the Watch, and then the iPhone and the Watch will sync, making sure the Watch has all the latest data.

Go for a walk [19659020] What are you waiting for? The objective of Apple Watch is that it is with you all the time. Go for a walk and start closing those rings. Or, if you don't go deeper into all that exercise, you can read our guide to customize your Apple Watch, from the comfort of your favorite armchair.

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