How to Set Up the XFCE Desktop Environment on Arch Linux –

I just installed an arch and booted up the new system, but it has a black terminal screen. This can be somewhat discouraging unless you are accustomed to arches or are trying to install a server. It's closer to a desktop that works than you think.

The default arch installation is not shipped with the graphical desktop because Arch gives you the choice to choose. If you want a new experience or suggestion, XFCE is a fantastic place to start. It is a lightweight and proven Linux desktop resource with complete desktop experience.

Installing the driver

Before you begin, you should do the following: Graphics drivers for cards. If you use Intel integrated graphics, you will not be exempt. Arch does not include a graphics driver in the default installation.

how to set up the xfce desktop environment on arch linux make tech easier

Xorg Install Arch “/>

The next thing you need is the following: The Xorg server. All graphics applications, including the desktop environment, are built on top of Xorg. Arch's Xorg package is a metapackage. It is actually a large set of software that contains everything Xorg needs. Once you install the bundle, Arch will set everything.

Pacman shows a list of packages before installation. If you do not know what you are looking for, press Enter to install everything.

If you want a minimal installation, you can only install the Xorg server.

Installing XFCE

Like Xorg, you can configure the following settings: Arch's desktop environment comes in meta-packages. They are large and can contain hundreds of packages. Because XFCE is a small environment, it does not require many packages like GNOME or Plasma, but it takes a few minutes to install.

 Installing Xorg Arch

Installable The XFCE metapackage alone package is useful because it contains many useful desktop utilities.

Like Xorg, Pacman asks for the package group to install. Press ENTER twice to install all of them. Be patient and have Arch prepared for everything. This is most of the desktop.

Display Manager Settings

You can start the XFCE desktop from the command line, but the next time you boot your computer, it will come back. Terminal screen. This is because the display manager is not set.

 Arch Installation Lightdm

Now, you are responsible for the login screen falling off after you start your computer.

First, if you want to test XFCE, continue. You can open the terminal or continue working on your current monitor. This guide attempts to use LightDM as your display manager. Most distributions are lightweight and paired with XFCE because they are not connected to any desktop environment.