How to set up noise alerts on your Apple Watch

In watchOS 6, your Apple Watch can monitor the noise levels around you and warn you when things get too loud. This is an essential tool to help people working in noisy environments avoid hearing damage, but it is also a useful protection against excessive noise for anyone.

Next, we show you how to configure the Apple Watch noise alerts. with Apple Watch

You can configure the incredibly accurate noise monitoring of Apple Watch on the watch itself (series 4 or 5 are required), or on the Watch app on your iPhone. On the clock, open Settings then scroll down to section Noise . In the iPhone application, scroll down in section My watch until you see Noise and touch it.

  Apple Watch noise
The configuration is simple.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The first step is to toggle the measurement switch to position On . Then, choose your Threshold No. . If you have no idea what the threshold should be, tap the link to read a guide on noise levels and noise monitoring on the Apple Watch.

  Apple Watch noise settings on your iPhone.
Apple Watch noise settings on your iPhone.
Photo: Cult of Mac

If you can't bother reading that guide, then the options in the application still give you information. Each sound level (measured in decibels) has a guide number next to it, which indicates approximately how many minutes of daily exposure are safe at that level.

Now, just do your thing, and your Apple Watch will listen to the world around you. If things get too strong, you'll see an alert and receive a haptic touch on your wrist. The alert will indicate the sound level detected by the watch and advise you on how long it may be exposed before bad things happen to your ears.

Add a noise complication for easy monitoring

If you wish, you can add noise complications to the watch face. There is a small circular complication that gives you a number in decibels. And if you are using one of the modular faces, you can put a decibel-o-meter on the screen. It looks like this:

  The great and elegant noise complication of Apple Watch.
The great and elegant noise complication.
Photo: Cult of Mac

For most people, Apple Watch noise alerts will only be activated at rock concerts or when passing through a noisy construction site. But if you work, for example, in a music venue or on a construction site, these alerts can help you save your hearing. And for everyone else? Maybe you can finally prove that your neighbor techno lover really is a complete sociopath.

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