How to set per-app graphical performance settings in Windows 10

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How to set the graphic performance settings per application in Windows 10

To change the graphic performance settings of an application:

  1. Start the Configuration application.
  2. Go to System> Display> (scroll down)> Graphics settings.
  3. Look for a classic application or a universal application to set preferences.
  4. Click on the application added in the list and press Options.
  5. Choose your performance mode preference and press "Save."

Applies to all versions of Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to customize the graphic performance settings by application. This allows you to configure some applications for better performance, while optimizing others to improve battery life. The options are particularly useful in devices with integrated and dedicated graphics chips, as it can restrict low-demand applications only to the low-power integrated processor.

Open the Configuration application from the Start menu and click on the "System" category. Scroll to the bottom of the "Display" page that appears. Click on the "Graphics settings" link.

 Configuration of the graphic performance settings per application in Windows 10

This screen shows a list of all the specific performance settings of the application you have assigned. The list will be empty if you have never used these options before.

To register a new preference for an application, you must first select whether the application is "classic" or "universal." Universal refers to applications installed from the Microsoft Store, while classic applications are traditional Windows desktop programs. Select the correct type from the drop-down menu that appears.

 Configuration of graphical performance settings by application in Windows 10

For classic applications, you must manually search for the executable of the file program (an .exe). You will probably find it in C: Program Files or C: Program Files (x86) .

 Configuring graphic performance settings per application in Windows 10

When choosing a universal application, a second drop-down menu will appear. It contains a list of all the Microsoft Store applications on your system. You can quickly select the application for which you want to set preferences. Click on the "Add" button to enter it in the list.

 Configuration of graphical performance settings per application in Windows 10

By default, all applications are configured to have the "Default System" performance setting. To change this, click on an application in the list and then press the "Options" button that appears.

 Configuration of the graphic performance settings per application in Windows 10

You can assign an application to have default, energy saving or high performance graphics. In general, simple applications will run smoothly in power saving mode. High performance should be used with more complex and graphically complex applications, such as games and video streams.

On devices with multiple GPUs, high performance mode will assign the dedicated graphics card to the application. This will allow the application to run at the highest possible frame rate, although more power will be obtained. The power saving mode will restrict the application to the integrated graphics chip of your device, which uses less energy but will generally have limited performance.

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