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If you always visit a specific site when you turn on your computer, you can also make that site your homepage. Every browser has the ability to set a custom homepage. This process does not take long in major browsers and is easy to use even for beginners.

Setting a custom home page in Firefox

Adding your chosen home page in Firefox is an easy task. Start Firefox and click the drop down menu for home page and new window options in the home section. Choose a custom URL and start typing the URL of the site you'd like to add as your homepage.

  Home Maketech

Add Firefox with the address of the page you want as your new homepage. The first page will be your new homepage.

Change your homepage in Opera

Opera is also easy to create. You can add any page as a new homepage. In the top left corner, click the red & # 39; O & # 39; and go to Settings.

  Operate Google settings

Scroll down until you find the & # 39; Startup & # 39; section. Select the "Open specific page or page set" option and click "Add new page".

  Clicking the Google Opera

option brings up a new window. You need to add the URL of your new homepage. Click the blue Add button when done. You will need to restart Opera to see the new homepage. As soon as you restart, your favorite sites appear first.

Adding a custom homepage in Safari (iPad)

When adding a custom homepage in mobile Safari, things work a bit differently. Open Safari and go to the homepage URL to add. Tap on the first icon (the square with the arrow facing up) in the upper right corner.

  Home Safari

Swipe left and select the option called "Add to Home Screen". Now shows the URL of the site. You'll see blue additional options in the upper right corner.

Safari is closing unexpectedly. Do not panic because this is normal. Go to the iPad home screen and a shortcut to the new custom home page appears.

Add a new custom home page in Microsoft Edge

To set a custom home page, click the three dots in the top right corner and go to Settings. Scroll down to "Homepage Settings." Click the drop down menu, select "Specific Pages" and enter the URL of your site. Click to save the floppy disk.

 Google Edge

Add a personalized homepage to Chrome

Click the three dots in the upper right corner in Chrome

 Home Chrome

“Show home button” Activate the option and enter the URL of the page. To see your new homepage, click the Home button on the left side of the address bar.


Steps to make your homepage short and easy to follow. All browsers are designed differently, so the steps are slightly different. The instructions above allow you to set up a custom home page in various browsers.

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