How to Sell Your Apple Watch


When you want to have the latest Apple Watch in your hands, you'll want to earn some money with the previous one. Here's how to prepare it for shipping and where you can sell it.

When it's time to sell your used Apple devices like your iPhone or iPad, the options are crazy . Online, there are countless ways in which you can download your equipment for a good cash jackpot. There is also a market for lovers of used Apple watches, although not all stores that use iPhones and iPads will buy their portable device. Here is a look at what you should do before selling Apple Watch and where to do it.

Important steps before selling

There are some steps you should take before selling your watch to someone online or in real life. Without performing these steps, the prospective buyer cannot use the device with their iPhone. More importantly, the person could get access to their personal information.

Step 1

Before selling, gifting or exchanging your Apple Watch:

  1. Make sure your watch and iPhone are physical close to each other.
  2. Then, touch the application Apple Watch on your phone.
  3. At the top of the screen, touch the name of your clock .
  4. Touch the " i " icon on the right.
  5. Choose Unlink Apple Watch .

If you have an Apple Watch with Wi-Fi + Cellular, you will be asked Delete [Carrier] Plan when applicable. You will have to contact your supplier if you do not plan to pair with another Apple Watch at this time. Otherwise, the company will continue to charge you for the monthly cellular service.

As part of the decoupling process, you will also be asked to enter your Apple ID password to deactivate Activation lock . [19659018] Your Apple Watch is now not paired with your iPhone. With full unpairing, your iPhone will automatically make a quick backup of your watch. You can use this backup file to restore your new Watch, when applicable.

 Apple Watch unpair

Step 2

As a final step, you'll want to remove your Apple Watch from your iCloud account. To do so:

  1. On a computer, go to and log in with your Apple ID.
  2. Go to Find my iPhone .
  3. Select All devices.
  4. Click on your Apple Watch .
  5. Click Delete Apple Watch .
  6. Select Next until the device is deleted.
  7. Click on " X " next to your Apple Watch.

Now you can sell, give away or exchange your Apple Watch!

 remove the Apple Watch [19659033] remove Apple Watch

Where to sell your Apple Watch

When it comes to selling your Apple Watch, we mainly recommend the same companies that we suggest with the iPhone, with small exceptions . Because Apple watches, for the most part, are not worth as much as iPhones, the selling options are slightly different.

The newer and better your Apple Watch, the more it is worth it. Before quoting a price, most online shoppers will ask a combination of the following questions:

  • Does the watch turn on?
  • Is the screen broken?
  • Are there scratches anywhere on the device?
  • fully functional device

Once you receive and accept a quote, there are different procedures for each company.


Swappa tries to match buyers and sellers. In doing so, you are likely to get more for your portable device than you would with many other companies. In this scenario, however, you will not receive a quote. Instead, you must include your article on the Swappa website. Before doing so, Swappa suggests a price based on current market conditions. The buyer pays the fees, which makes it an excellent solution for potential sellers.

To use Swappa, you must have an active PayPal account, and you must also send photos of your device before the approved listing appears. Once he does, he pays nothing for the listing. In addition, payment is received before shipping.

We recommend Swappa for its ease of use. Even if you don't have computer skills, you can follow the steps in the list.

 sell Apple Watch Swappa


When it was time to sell my Apple Watch series 4 recently, I choose to use Mercari. The sales application, which is also available through the web, makes it incredibly easy to sell your stuff in minutes. Better yet, once you do, you can print your shipping label directly from the application.

Mercari does not charge you for placing a list. Instead, he charges a flat rate of 10 percent once an item is sold. You receive your cash once the item has been delivered and the buyer rates the experience and you do the same. Mercari gives the buyer three days to rate the transaction. If you do not qualify the purchase, you will still receive your money after that time.

Through Mercari, payment is sent to your bank account immediately by instant payment or by direct deposit. You can also keep the balance in your account and pamper yourself by buying something listed on Mercari.

Mercari is not the cheapest selling solution, but it has worked for me in recent years to sell items, electronics and other. Look!


If you have a PayPal account, it may be more convenient for you to sell your Apple Watch through eBay. It comes with some inconveniences. On the one hand, any transaction comes down to a sale between you and a buyer with eBay simply as the conduit. Second, there is a risk of selling on your own.

Because of this, be sure to send only to the buyer's confirmed PayPal address, so that it is protected. Also, put a competitive price on your item, so you get a good deal. Finally, be careful with the processing fees charged by PayPal and eBay.

 sell Apple Watch on eBay


The mothership makes it very convenient to exchange old devices both online and in one of its many retail stores. In return, you can receive credit for a new device or a gift card from the Apple Store. If you decide to sell through the Apple website, you will receive an exchange kit by mail, which you can use to send your Apple Watch. Requiring this kit slows the process a bit, which makes selling your device in the store perhaps a better option.

In my experience, Apple doesn't pay much for used Apple watches. However, this is guaranteed money and a good option if you prefer not to include your item elsewhere and deal with potential buyers. Also, downloading your portable device at an Apple retail store when you are buying a new one is a perfect process.

 sell Apple Watch through apple

Craigslist [19659011] If you want to earn money fast, your best option could be Craiglist, which will allow you to know your possible Local buyer and in person. If this is your plan, be sure to put a competitive price on your watch. For your protection, do not mention your name or address in your Craigslist ad. To make a quick connection, enter your phone number in the ad. Once you and the seller agree on a price, decide on a safe place to meet, preferably during the day. A public location is undoubtedly the best, of course. Bring a friend Finally, just accept cash.


You will quickly discover that your used Apple Watch is not worth almost as much as you probably expected. Because of this, your best option might be to deliver the device to someone you know. If you prefer not to do so, use one of the services mentioned above and earn some money.

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