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Sometimes a user wants to know the start and end record of a computer. Most system administrators need to know about the logs to troubleshoot them. If multiple people are using your computer, we recommend that you check your PC startup and shutdown times to make sure your PC is being used legally. This article describes two ways to track PC shutdown and start time.

Extract start and end time using event log

Windows Event Viewer is a cool tool to store all kinds of tasks on your computer. During each event, the Event Viewer records the entry. Because Event Viewer is a Windows core service, it is handled by the event log service, which can not be stopped or disabled manually. Event Viewer also records the start and stop times of the event log service. You can use this time to determine when your computer starts or shuts down.

Event log service events are logged with two event codes. Event ID 6005 indicates that the event log service is started, and event ID 6009 indicates that the event log service is stopped. Let's take a closer look at the process of extracting this information from Event Viewer.

1. Ctrl + Enter R and enter eventvwr .

 Pc Start End Log View Event Indicator 1 [19659004] 2. In the left pane, open Windows Log -> System.

 Please refer to Pc Event Logging System Log on Shutdown

3. The middle pane displays a list of events that occurred while Windows was running. Our concern is to see just three incidents. Let's first sort the event log by event ID. Click the Event ID label to sort the data by the Event ID column.

 See Log Pc Startup Exit. Event Viewer Sort Event

4. Sorting does not work if the event log is large. You can also create filters in the task pane on the right. Click "Filter current log."

5. Type 6005, 6006 in the Event ID field labeled.

 Log Pc Start Shutdown Reference Event Viewer Filter Log

  • Event ID 6005 is labeled "Event Log Service Started." Synonym for system startup.
  • Event ID 6006 is labeled "Event log service stopped." Synonym for shutdown.

Review Event ID 6013 to closely examine the event log. Displays the uptime of the computer, and event ID 6009 indicates processor information detected during boot. Event ID 6008 indicates that the system has started after the system has not been properly shut down.

Using TurnedOnTimesView

TurnedOnTimesView is a simple and portable tool for analyzing event logs for start and end times. This utility can be used to view a list of shutdown and start times for the local computer or any remote computers connected to the network. You can unzip and run TurnedOnTimesView.exe because it is a portable tool.


Shutdown causes are typically related to Windows Server computers. Here we immediately list the end time, end time, uptime between each start and end, end reason, and exit code.

To see the start and end times of the remote computer, go to "Options -> Advanced Options" and select "Data source to remote computer". Specify IP Enter the address or name of the computer in the Computer Name field and click the OK button. This list displays the details of the remote computer.


TurnedOnTimesView provides a very simple interface and point data, although you can always use Event Viewer for detailed analysis of start and end times. For what purpose do you monitor the start and end times of your computer? What do you prefer to monitor?

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