How to see if your data was accessed in the Facebook hack

Facebook explained exactly what type of information it accessed during a mass hack last month. This includes personal information such as your name, contact information, religion, and location.

This data has been viewed by 29 million people, and Facebook now provides a way to see if your account is compromised. What information do you see? If you visit the Help Center on Facebook, the bottom notification explains whether your account was affected.

how to see if your data was accessed in the facebook hack

Of the 29 million users, 15 million people have names, email addresses, and phone numbers (19659003). Depending on the contact information in your profile). The other 14 million people were shown with additional profile information, including gender, religion, location, device information, tagged locations, and favorite pages. Another million users had access to the stolen account, but never used it. The hacker did not post anything on his user profile, which Facebook currently knows.

When you access your account, you need to do something on Facebook to get it at this point. The password is not stolen, so you do not need to change it. Instead, hackers used "tokens" to log in to their accounts. Facebook may reset Facebook on Saturday, so you may have logged out of your account one day in late September.

Guy Rosen, product manager, said he did not see evidence that the data being accessed was spread or used. At this time, it is not clear what to do about the fact that users have access to their information. The investigation is still in progress and you will have specific details to share on Facebook later. The FBI is also investigating.

Of course, if privacy is a problem, there is one way to keep it safe in the future. 19659009]

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