How to save all open tabs to a folder in iOS 13 Safari

If you currently use a third-party bookmark manager, you may be able to get rid of it when you update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13. The new main feature is that you can now save all your open tabs in a bookmark folder, then Re-open all the links in that folder with a touch. But that is not all. Thanks to the new iPadOS contextual menus, the integrated bookmarks were much easier to use.

Mark all tabs open in Safari iOS 13

Have you ever found your mobile Safari overwhelmed with open tabs that you can not close? ? You are investigating a new purchase or a vacation, and you will need all those tabs open for a while yet. In iOS 13, you can save all those tabs and still delete them from Safari until you want them again.

You do this by saving all tabs currently open in a single bookmarks folder. Doing this is super easy. All you have to do is press and hold the marker icon. On the iPad, it is located to the left of the URL / search bar, next to the backspace / forward arrows.

Keep it pressed, and you will see this panel:

  Save all the open tabs of Safari in a new bookmarks folder.
Save all open tabs in a new bookmarks folder.
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Touch Add markers for x Tabs give a name to the newly created folder, and choose a location to save it. You can save it along with all your other bookmarks, or you can choose to save it in the URL bar or in the special Favorites folder that is displayed every time you open a new tab or window. (These last two locations depend on the configuration of Safari, made within the Configuration application).

  Name the new Safari favorites folder.
Name the new folder.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The fact of saving these bookmarking folders is that you can access them from any device synchronized to your iCloud account, even those that do not run iOS 13 or do not run iOS. They are just normal bookmark folders, so they sync with your Mac and iOS devices.

To open all the tabs within a Safari bookmark folder, just keep that folder pressed. This works on the Favorites screen, as well as on any normal bookmark list. Press and hold a folder on the Favorites screen and you will see this:

  Tap & # 39; Open in new tabs & # 39; to do just that.
Tap "Open in new tabs" to do that.
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Hold down a folder in the bookmark list and you will see this:

  In a bookmark folder in Safari, you do not see the site's favicons.
In a bookmark folder, Do not see the site's favicons.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Either way, you can only touch the button Open in new tabs to open all the links in their own tabs. This allows you to easily save and restore entire sets of tabs. These could be your favorite news sites or a set of work pages that you always use together.

Another trick: if you press the bookmarks folder to open the context menu, you will see a Copy Content button. This copies the URLs of all bookmarks in the folder to the clipboard, sorted in their own lines. You can simply paste this into any text field to get a list of URLs. A very nice touch (and very useful).


As you have seen in the screenshots above, there are other options in the context menus for bookmarks and folders. One is that you can now quickly edit any bookmark or folder by touching Edit .

And when you press a single marker (instead of a folder), a small preview of that site will be loaded, with the new context menu next to that preview. You can then drag that preview to any other application, or to the side of the screen to open it in Slide Over or Split View.

Safari has really moved up in level on iOS 13. It's especially good on iPadOS, where it now has a full desktop browser, but with all the amenities and mobile integration. I L-O-V-E it.

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