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If you use iPhone as a camera, you can easily grab it by rotating the resulting image. If you're dealing with photos, it's easy to fix them. Tap the edit button and rotate the photo to finish.

This can also occur when shooting a movie. Now instead of seeing the action as intended, there is a small window stuck in the middle of the screen. Fixing this is a bit trickier than dealing with simple photos.

Can I rotate videos on iPhone with the Photos app?

It's very easy to rotate photos in the Sync iOS Photos app. Unfortunately, attempting to do this can lead to bad luck.

You're right on the go with the photo app The easiest way to rotate your iPhone video starts here, but there are things to do first.

Rotating video on iPhone using iMovie

To rotate video on your phone, you need to install it first. iMovie. Luckily, it's free because anyone can use it if anyone has bought an iPhone. Open the App Store, search for iMovie, then tap Import to install the app.

  Rotate video from iphone Photos App Export

After installing iMovie, open the Photos app and tap on the video you want to rotate. Tap, then tap the Edit button. Next, tap the Expand button, which looks like a circle, and choose iMovie from the pop-up dialog.

  Rotate video on iPhone Imovie

Rotate video with two fingers when iMovie opens. When you're done, tap Done and your edited video will be exported back to the Camera Roll. You can repeat this process for other videos that need to be rotated.

Another way to rotate video on iPhone

Using iMovie isn't the only way to rotate video on iPhone. This is convenient because there are situations where iMovie doesn't handle it properly, such as when a movie is upside down.

If you need to do this you can use an application like RFV. App Store. In addition to video rotation, this app can also flip videos.

  Rotate video on iPhone Rfv

Open the app, then tap the camera icon to select the video to rotate or flip. There are two arrow style buttons that flip the video horizontally or vertically. If the video is upside down, tap the Vertical Flip button, then tap Save to finish.


As you can see above, there are various options for fixing rotated videos. For most users, iMovie is a way to go because it's free with an iPhone purchase. In other words, if you need to replace your videos often, you may want to use an app that will make it easier.

No matter how you process your video, you won't want to lose it after you're done. Therefore, a backup strategy is important to keep your data safe. If you're not sure how to get started, see our guide to backing up your iPhone.

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