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You've been using Chrome for a while now. The extension you just installed will let you know that you need to restart Chrome to complete the installation. When you restart Chrome, you do not have to wait for Chrome to restart.

Thanks to the tricks in Chrome, you can restart Chrome without losing any of your tabs. Even if the closed tab is from a previous session, Chrome will still be able to recover that session.

How to reboot Chrome Do not lose tabs in process

To save all open tabs Ctrl + Shift + You must press B to expose the bookmarks bar . When the bookmark bar drops down, right-click on an empty space and select the "Add Page" option.

 Chrome Bookmark

When the "Edit Bookmark" window appears, name it chrome: // restart in the URL field like & # 39; Restart Chrome & # 39; Type. When you are finished, click Save. The page you open when you create this bookmark will be saved with the rest of the bookmark.

Chrome will automatically close when you click on Chrome, but will restart with all the tabs you open right away. Where you left them. If you type something, you'll need to save it before restarting Chrome.

How to open Chrome tabs in past sessions

I was so tired the last time I used Chrome that I could not open my eyes anymore and turned off my computer. Choosing where you left off in Chrome is a good option.

To use this feature, click the three dots in the top right corner of your browser and click Settings. When the new tab appears, look for the part marked "Starting". The last step.

 Chrome Lastt

The second option is the & # 39; Continue from where you left off & # 39; option. Clicking this second option automatically saves your changes. You do not need to click the Save button.

Close the tab as usual. Every time you start Chrome from this point on, the last tab you use will first appear in the new session.

Saving tabs using OneTab

If you're willing to use extensions, you can also try OneTab. When you open this Chrome extension, all open tabs are saved as a list that you can find on one tab.

 Chrome Onetab

Even if you restart Chrome, all the tabs are well organized in the extension. . Conclusion


You will need to restart Chrome sooner or later. After installing extensions or for other reasons. If you add this bookmark, you can save each tab or restart it without remembering the site.

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